Babies, Chicks, Lambs and Heart Coherence

I just love seeing all the new in spring. Not only the new flowers and new grass, but new baby animals that we get to see around Easter at the farms and petting zoos, and I am blessed to be welcoming a new baby niece in a few weeks. All this newness is a beautiful symbol of innocence. The purity and unadulterated innocence that just makes the center of your chest get all warm and fuzzy.

heart coherence

That warm and fuzzy feeling in our chest has been well studied lately, and is being referred to as heart coherence. And it’s way more than just warm and fuzzies. Institute of Heart Math is a great resource of scientific studies done on coherence, which is essentially harmonious connectedness between parts of the human body and individual parts of a community, even humanity. From HeartMath: “One of the simplest and quickest paths to heart coherence is through intentional positive feelings – compassion, caring, love and other such emotions. In contrast, we can quickly become incoherent when we experience negative attitudes such as anger, fear and anxiety.”

heart coherence

Heart coherence was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard of the Boston Marathon tragedy this week. How many of you felt a physical reaction to the news, or from seeing the images? I felt immediate compassion for the injured and immense love for the rescuers that were right in there helping everyone they could. I felt warmth in my chest despite the tickle of tears behind my eyes.

It’s not easy to feel positive energy and emotions during a tragedy. A heightened state of fear and a drive for survival is our most primitive response, and most of our mind is geared towards that automatic response. It takes mindfulness training and regular meditation practice and making a conscious decision to live your life in coherence to be able to control your automatic response to be a positive one for your body and you psyche and, dare I say, for humanity as a whole.

How can having intentional positive feelings help humanity?

heart coherence

We are all energetically connected and maybe even spiritually connected, but I have no proof of it. It’s just my belief. I’m not alone though. There are quite a few religions that believe we are all one, and quantum physics is talking about entanglement and energy connections as well.

So if we run with this idea that we are all connected, what would happen if we all felt positive emotions all at once? What would happen if we all felt a negative emotion all at once? And how can we get the whole planet to feel positive emotions during a bombing or a subsequent fatal shout-out between the police and suspect number one? These are big questions. But in my opinion, only we can make the decision that on our individual level we will create a more positive response and reality. I also believe that if we can get more compassion and love into the world it will be a better place to raise those chicks and lambs and my soon to be born baby niece.

These are segments from the documentary film I Am by Tom Shadyac that discuss Quantum Entanglement.

Tammy Plunkett uses the knowledge gained from her careers as a registered nurse and an alternative healer, and her studies of psychology and spirituality to inspire others through her talks and her book Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit. She is also the Founder and CEO of Inspiration4 Inc. which produces the content driven website all while happily raising her four children with her loving husband.

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*baby photo credit Julie Hearty Photography.

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    Huh. I have to say I’ve never heard of “heart coherence.” I find it very interesting though. I was fortunate enough to meet Tammy just the other night! I hope her book launch is a fabulous success! 

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      Thank you, Julie! 
      I highly recommend the documentary I AM. I have a passion for finding scientific evidence for “woo woo” things and heart coherence is on the mark. I AM is about more than coherence, and it’s contemporary enough that my teens liked it. 🙂
      Hope to see you again soon!


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