Chevy Orlando

I hate my mini-van. I really, really, really, hate my mini-van. It represents that stage of the mommy game I’m all to happy to leave behind….the dowdy mini-van stage. I am, however, reluctant to give it up. Admittedly I don’t need all the space it offers anymore; strollers have been a thing of the past for a while. Also, with only two kids at home, there’s really no reason for such a big vehicle, and it’s also a bit of a pig on gas. With all that being said, I’m hesitant to give it up because it can carry up to seven passengers and I need that frequently enough that I couldn’t imagine giving it up. Until now.

Enter the Chevy Orlando. My family had the pleasure of enjoying the Orlando for three weeks on our winter vacation to Savannah, Disney and The Florida Keys. What a fantastic vehicle! The Orlando is perfect of our family of four giving everyone lots of space and leaving loads of room in the back for trips to Costco and the grocery store. Where it really impresses me though is that it can also seat up to seven people! To me, that’s everything. At least once a week I need those extra seats when we pick up my girls’ friends or go somewhere with my parents. It’s like the magic car! It’s appears compact, yet doesn’t feel it. It manoeuvres like a peppy little car, but has the stability of a large SUV! It’s great for today’s smaller families but can take the whole gang when need be.

Don’t get me started on the XM radio. I drove my husband nuts as I scrolled through the channels constantly. So many good stations to choose from. Plus the radio flips up to reveal storage for your iPod, sunglasses or wallet. Really smart.

We towed the Orlando from Ottawa to the Florida Keys. It’s a great car to tow along behind an RV but you can’t use a tow bar, it must be flat towed. It was the perfect vehicle for cruising around town in Savannah, Disney and the Florida Keys.

Ready to leave the snowy north

Finally, we drove it for the long haul when we left our RV behind in Florida. We made the 24 hour trek from St. Augustine to Ottawa and it was a great little car for travel, with an amazing amount of storage capability. I couldn’t believe how much we were able to transfer from the RV into the Orlando. I wouldn’t recommend it for seven passengers for long treks. I think the back row can be a little tight for long distances, but it is all you need for tooling around the city.

The Orlando is a fuel-efficient 4 cylinder vehicle that is reasonably priced in my opinion, starting at $19,995. Now that we’re back in the Keys, it’s making me miss our versatile Orlando a little more. It’s possible I’ve found my mini-van’s replacement.


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