Because I am a Girl

Last year, I heard about Plan Canada’s new campaign called Because I am a Girl and it immediately struck a chord. Probably because I have two girls who are blessed to have such wonderful lives and I want them to know that they can help other girls who were not born into the same circumstances. I want them to know they can make a difference, now.

So, at first, they were selling these really cool t-shirts and I was all over it!

Morgan loves her shirt!

Then, we followed along on the Because I am a Girl website learning about girls issues worldwide. Next, my friend Heather, who we’re virtually stalking, I mean following around the globe teamed up with Because I am a Girl to raise awareness on her journey. Coincidence? I think not. This is fate! Fate I tell you. So, the girls and I are on it.

The beauty of Because I am a Girl, is that is aims to mobilize our youth by giving them ways to empower themselves and others through easy to run fundraisers. The girls have decided they are going to run a Pink LemonAid Stand on August 13th, the weekend our local fair is in town and our streets are lined with cars. Mwahahahaha, I may have guided them with the timing just a bit. I’ve also ordered t-shirts for myself and Ava and adorable little necklaces. Go Team! My husband has been put on notice that he needs to build a lemonade stand and we’ve ordered our promotional material from Plan Canada. We are totally going to rock this.

We’ve also set up a fundraising page, so that anyone can help contribute. *Ahem* Hint, hint.

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