How To Pack a Diaper Bag for Travel

Having visited 15 cities in the past year we were well stocked and prepared for our travel adventures but then all of a sudden, the Little Monkey turned one. A toddler. We heard many horror stories about traveling with toddlers and braced ourselves for a tiring trip to Mexico. Luckily for us, our trip to Tulum and Playa del Carmen was no  back breaking, ear piercing or tantrum throwing experience.

After our many travel escapades I can confidently say that a well packed bag is key for an enjoyable experience. Our traveling newborn turned into a traveling toddler and our diaper bag got a bit of a refresh. To be honest my travel diaper bag consists of the same items as my regular diaper bag. At the end of the day, whether it’s a trip to the supermarket or a trip to Mexico, I need the same items! Entertainment, food and fashion are at the core of a good diaper bag!

diaper bag travel

·       Snacks : This is probably what takes the most room! I have everything from Mum-mums to dried fruits and a few  emergency packs of Gourmet baby. No need for spoons which is what I love! They also don’t expire too quickly which means I don’t need to worry about using them up too quickly. I also have granola bars in the diaper bag for times when I’m stuck on the subway starving or when there’s delays and all there is to eat are  stale bagels at a crappy airport coffee shop.

·       Baboo : Another great addition to our bag because I know I always have milk on hand for when she gets whiney! Again, this product lasts 3 months without needing to be refrigerated and it comes with a straw! Great for flights and emergencies when you’ve been caught strolling the mall for an hour too long (oh hush! It happens to you all the time, don’t lie).

·       Change of clothes : The bag is packed with about 2 sweaters, 2 t shirts, 2 pants, 2 pairs of socks, hat, onesie and four face cloths. I’m prepared for everything!

·       Samples : I love collecting samples of  body wash, cream and baby Tylenol. In a bind I use the body wash to clean pacifiers that get thrown around and you always need baby cream to stay hydrated. As for the Tylenol, try flying with a teething baby. Or a sick one. You never know when you’ll need some.

·       Sippy Cup : She’s okay with a straw and drinking from our cups, but her sippy cup is what she loves the most. Especially during teething phases when the rubber portion soothes her gums.

·       Toys : Toddlers need entertainment and while the seat belt and aircraft emergency procedure card entertains for a bit, you need plenty of tricks to help pass the time. Standing in immigration queues. Being stuck on a five hour flight behind a grumpy baby hater. Keeping them quiet during the cabin check. The list goes on. We always have a couple books and the Violet phone (her favourite) in the diaper bag.

·       Butt cleaning supplies : Attachable change pad with wipes, diapers and poop bags are always on hand!

·       Random items for me : pack of tissue, a toonie, a pen, nasal drops, Tylenol pills (adult), disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer

·       Tray and Bib : I  do love our roll up bibbity and tiny diner tray! It’s absolutely perfect for our foodie ways.


Words of advice : Squeeze in two diapers at the very bottom of the diaper bag, because the day you forget to refill the regular diaper holder, is when you have an explosion. And it ain’t pretty.


How about you.. have anything to share ? A friend of mine mentioned microwaveable sanitizing bags, I think that’s a brilliant idea. Never know when you’d need them!

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan, the U.S, Australia and England, Yashy now finds herself settled in Toronto, where she met her husband. Toronto, with its captivating events that fuel her passions is the only city that has managed to entertain Yashy for longer than seven years. She continues to nurture her love affair with the city by staying engaged with the diverse community and seeking cultural events that tickle her passions which include fashion, wine, dining, cooking, cocktailing, travelling, and now… exploring all things baby related.

A branding specialist by profession, Yashy is now a work from home mom. When she was on maternity leave with nothing but poop and time on her hands she started blogging ( ) to share her passions and how she strives to strike a balance between baby and self from the very start of motherhood. The blog discusses “lifestyle” – travel, entertaining, food and drink and for the most part- all with a baby on the hip. You can find Yashy on Twitter most days lusting after the next travel opportunity and sharing food and baby pictures alongside events happening in Toronto!

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