Good Eats Friday

It’s time for Good Eats Friday again and I know you’re starting to like this weekly post! Why wouldn’t you? Loads of great recipes delivered to you just in time for the weekend. Let’s get right to it because I know you want to start your weekend meal planning.

First and foremost I am all over these loaded potato crisps from Joanna at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs . Also, I’m in love with her site. Really, spend some time poking around there.


Next, I’m loving the “summer eating” vibe of this Chickpea Salad with Flank Steak from Jennifer at Kitchen Counter Chronicle. I’m feeling the push toward lighter eating now that *gulp* swimsuit season is drawing nearer.

chickpea salad final bowl

Growing up my family had good Italian friends that pretty much are responsible for my heavy dependence on pasta today and all things with pancetta. One of my favourite Italian dishes was Italian Wedding Soup which Amanda from The Best Mom on the Block has nailed in this post. Looks divine.


I love that Heather from Home to Heather uses Liquid Smoke in her pulled pork recipe too. For true Southern Pulled Pork taste, you gotta have the liquid smoke.


This Chicken Thighs Over Veggies and Couscous looks healthy and delicious and as I’ve mentioned before, that dreaded swimsuit season is right around the corner. Crystal from Ottawa Valley Moms has obviously figured this out too.

good eats friday

Finally, talk about fusion food, check out these Korean Barbecue Tacos from Don at FoodiePrints. Drool.

good eats Friday

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