Dog Wearing Underwear – Nothing Funnier

Last week, our 7 month old Bernedoodle suddenly became obsessed with his wiener. Not that he’s not always obsessed with it, but it was receiving an inordinate amount of affection if you know what I mean. To top it off, our other dog, was picking up the slack when Wookie’s tongue needed a rest. Now, I normally don’t pay attention to dogs and their disgusting grooming habits but when you’re woken up at two in the morning by an intense slurping noise, it’s time to investigate.

We rolled him over and sure enough, he had a rash all over his stomach and well, you know where else. So, off to the vet we go, where it’s determined that he has a bacterial infection and he’s prescribed antibiotics, instructions not to lick and I’m handed a $200 bill.

“So, the cone of shame?”, I say.

“Or a pair of underwear.”, says the vet.

The underwear seemed like the best bet because they would keep our other dog from licking as well. Also, I reasoned, they would be damn funny.

And they were.

dog wearing underwear

In fact, it was the best comic relief I’ve had in a long time.

Even the peanut gallery wanted pictures with him in his unmentionables.

picture taken with dog wearing underwear

And how can you not laugh when this goes walking past you?

dog wearing underwear - tail cut out

Doesn’t the look on his face say it all here?

dog wearing underwear wookie

So, the moral of this story here is if your dog has an infection and you have to choose between a cone or a pair of underwear, go with the underwear. The laughter will make the vet bill much less painful.

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  1. says

    This is hilarious. His poor little face in the last picture is priceless. But! What you’re going to stop doing is teasing us with teeny tiny halfway not quite kitchen photos. First the fridge and half a room, now the floor. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness!!!! This is so adorable and funny! I love his face expression. He almost knows that  you guys enjoy the funny part of his situation. Hopefully, he will get better and be free from his underwear, but this really put a smile on my face and I looked at my dog and wondered how he would look like. We would need baby underwear. My is half the size. little maltipoo 🙂 

  3. AlwaysARedhead says

    Oh my! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I will be forwarding this page to my daughter, just in case her dog ever needs a pair of underwear. Hopefully my dog doesn’t have too, but it would be funny.

    • Candace says

      Now he’s wearing a t-shirt because his skin infection spread under his front legs. I swear this dog just wants to be clothed.

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