10 Reasons To Go To Disney Without The Kids

I tell people to go to Disney all the time. I can think of no other place that offers so much fun for families and is truly invested in seeing that you have the best vacation ever. They think of everything. But when I suggest to people that they leave their kids at home for a trip to visit the Big Cheese, I usually get a raised eyebrow followed by a “You’re joking, right?”.

No. No, I’m not. I mean it and here are the

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Disney Without The Kids

1. Everytime you see a child melting down, you can look at your friend or partner and say “Ahhhh, aren’t you glad that’s not us?” All joking aside, I’m serious. Disney is one of the best places on earth to share with your children, it’s also one of the best places on earth to enjoy without them. Make sure you do it both ways at least once.

2. Don’t worry about feeling out of place. At Disneyland in California a full 1/3 of all the guests who go to the park are sans children. You actually don’t even realize the kids are there. I spent four days at DisneyWorld in Florida with my best friend and I can honestly say, I managed to effectively tune the children out. Call it a superpower.

3. You can find a restaurant with exceptional food and linger, uninterrupted, for hours if you’d like.

4. Stay up as late as you want. Watch the fireworks, don’t worry about carrying a sleeping child afterwards. Stop and have a drink and then sleep in.

5. The resorts. Disney’s deluxe resorts are world-class and offer every amenity you could ask for. Look for adult creature comforts like spas and quiet bars for good conversation. My favourites – Disney’s Grand Floridian and Disney’s Beach Club.

6. Downtown Disney – Take in the mind-blowing La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil under the big top built especially for them, eat at any of the great restaurants and shop ’til you drop. Best part about this moms is you can just dawdle in the store, take your time, feel the goods, stand back and think about your purchase. Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like shopping child-free.

7. Act like a kid. Go ahead, there will be no judgment here.

8. Ride the rides you want to. If you’re looking to get all nostalgic on the Mad Tea Party, fill your boots. OR you can be one of the big kids and go on Aerosmith’s Rock’n’Roller Coaster over and over again if you want.

9. Leave “mom” at home. Don’t worry about wiping faces, checking sugar to vegetable ratios or fitting in naps. Go and just be you.

10. Absorb the magic. Really just stand and take in the wonder that is Disney. Admire costumes, sets, staff. Talk to people who work there. It’s so nice to look at it through the eyes of an adult without someone tugging on your shirt.

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  1. says

    Love this post Candace! I actually just wrote a review (going out next week) of my visit with a friend to Disneyland Paris! We went sans kids, and had a great time and covered a lot more ground than with kids! I have to admit I felt a little guilty at first, but it was still fun and got to act like a big kid myself!

  2. Cathy C says

    Love it. I would love to do this with my sister. Leave all our kids at home. I love Disney and first time I went as a kid was a family trip me grade 7 sister grade 4. I would be so great to do again

  3. Kit Williams says

    My boyfriend has been to Disney a million times. I had never been and we talked about going together all the time. We had a trip planned and then I ended up becoming pregnant and didn’t want to go if I couldn’t enjoy all the rides! We went when our son was 1 year old instead and had the luxury of leaving him behind with grandma for 5 days. It was amazing, and now when we take our kids I can enjoy it through their eyes, and not be disappointed in missing out on what I want to do. 
    Not to mention — one day while we were there someone’s child was having a meltdown at the bus terminal right outside of Disneyland and she looked at us and said, “This is great birth control for you guys, hey?” when we told her about our son she was so surprised and then said, “Wow! You guys are SO SMART!” It’s really a place for everyone. 🙂

  4. Karen D says

    I did that with a girlfriend. Got to see and do everything ‘I’ wanted before bringing the boys years later. It was an awesome trip.


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