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Crush and Covet: Tea, Trans Canada & Lightsabers

Apparently it's all fun and games in the kitchens of LIPers lately, between lightsabre battles and scuba diving tea men. Basically, we know how to enjoy even the mundane moments and we want you to as well.  Heather Greenwood Davis - My secret? I didn’t drink a full cup of coffee until about five years ago. Until then? Nothing but tea. When you’re depending on Earl Grey for your caffeine, a simple no-name bag isn’t going … [Read More...]

vegetarian breakfast hash

5 Truths About Health to Keep You Strong

Buckle up! 2016 is shaping up to be a year even more intensely focused on health. January’s news is perennially populated with diet, fit tips, and life hacks that will set you on your way. Of course, there will also be some (a lot) misinformation and hard-to-follow diet rules. To balance that, I have a few tried and true, non-sexy, boring but easy to comprehend food truths to sort fact from fiction as well as a 5 … [Read More...]

Doc Hudson

I Was A Disney World Virgin

I have a lot of friends in Eastern Canada and the US, and it seems like everyone has been to Disney World – everyone except me. Florida is a long way away when you live in Western Canada. Besides, five years ago we took our children to Disneyland; there was no need to go all the way to Florida for what would be a similar experience, or so I thought. (Oh, how wrong I was!) But things changed when my husband d … [Read More...]

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Win a $100 #PrepaidMyWay Gift Card

For a long time my home office was nothing more than a dumping ground. Not matching, hand-me-down furniture and a mass of clutter filled the room. It wasn't exactly a zen place to be. This year though I've decided to make it into something I've always wanted—a pretty space that's just mine. After all, I spend more than eight hours a day in there, it should be a space I love. I'm getting my furniture installed next week and so I'm j … [Read More...]

Who’s Hungry?

Classic Weeknight Tacos, taco recipe, beef tacos, classic beef tacos

Classic Weeknight Tacos – Perfect Any Day of the Week

I went all rogue over here today by making these Classic Weeknight Tacos on a Saturday afternoon. What can I say? I'm super rebellious that way. Seriously though, this recipe gets a huge OMG from me and the people I feed. This Campbell's recipe is the I-am-100%-stuffed-but-I'd-gladly-eat-another-plate-full type of recipe. Without a doubt the best beef tacos I've … [Read More...]

Tandoori Steak

Tandoori Flank Steak with Pineapple Sauce

Whoa! Stop right there. You're seeing sponsored post and thinking you might be moving along. Don't.Even.Think.About.It. Don't leave or you'll miss this amazingly delicious recipe from VH Sauces for your barbecue. Do I post recipes that aren't flavour explosions for your mouth? Of course not. So trust me when I say that this flank steak will have you … [Read More...]

easy raspberry puree

Easy Raspberry Puree

Why make raspberry puree? Can't you just find a reasonable substitute in the store? No you can't (I've looked) and you should make it because it's the perfect compliment to so many delicious recipes you'll wonder why you hadn't made it before. As an added bonus this Easy Raspberry Puree is, as the name suggests, easy. Easy Raspberry Puree 12 oz frozen … [Read More...]

simple, delicious pasta dish

Pasta 97 – The Simple Pasta That Started It All

While one could easily assume that lasagna was the pasta that inspired my foray into the culinary world - after all, Garfield and I seem to have a lot in common when it comes to that - it was actually a slightly different pasta that intrigued me. A pasta that is easier, healthier, and to this day remains my favorite. It was a day like any other back in … [Read More...]

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literary art pieces

Win a $100 #PrepaidMyWay Gift Card

For a long time my home office was nothing more than a dumping ground. Not matching, hand-me-down furniture and a mass of clutter filled the room. It wasn't exactly a zen place to be. This year though I've decided to … [Read More...]

Clos du Bois wine with smoked salmon

Perfect Holiday Chardonnay; Clos du Bois

There is nothing I love more over the holidays than entertaining, except of course, not entertaining. While the holidays are a perfect time to connect with family and friends, they're also a good time to connect with the … [Read More...]

Holiday Tips

Your Holidays Made Easy With Six Simple Tips

The holiday season is about to kick into high gear but I’m not stressed—at least not this year. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to get me through the holidays and it would seem that finally, I may have … [Read More...]

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Where to Next?

relax in massachusetts

Relax in Massachusetts

Over the last six weeks, I've shared all Massachusetts has to offer you, from festivals to outdoor adventures, from delicious culinary experiences to the arts, and finally island hopping. One key part of your vacation … [Read More...]

family resorts punta cana

Family Resorts Punta Cana

This is me, in what feels like a lifetime ago, but is actually 12 years ago on my honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Aside from the fact I'm sporting a pre-baby body here, I love this picture because I remember … [Read More...]


The Fun of a Unexpected Staycation

  By Chantal Saville One of the fun things about having a not quite 4 year old is that they are still open to whatever you want to do, without too much argument.  And the things that you do don't have to … [Read More...]

Amphitrite Lighthouse on the Wild Pacific Trail.

What Are Your Travel Plans This Summer?

From road trips, to exploring different parts of Canada and the USA, to jetting off to Paris or Australia, summer vacations are the time to create memories to last for years. Card games in the back of the car, fighting … [Read More...]

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