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mac and cheese

Reinventing Mac and Cheese; Bacon Syrup Anyone?

It’s finally happening. After generations of unpronounceable ingredients resulting in hyper orange powder and a somewhat passable cheese flavor, Kraft Foods announced that they are changing ingredients in their much loved Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese recipe. Starting in 2016 Kraft is going to use natural ingredients such as paprika and turmeric to color the cheese powder in an attempt to meet the request of over 300,000 people who … [Read More...]

#raisehope twitter party

Join Us At the #RaiseHope Twitter Party Thursday, April 30 at 9PM EDT

I used to think I was a feminist until I had two daughters, after their birth I knew for certain I was. Since the arrival of my two girls in this world I make sure I'm aware of women's issues that will affect my daughters' future. What disturbs me the most? The violence. What mother wouldn't be sick to her stomach about that? The Canadian Women’s Foundation Campaign to End Violence is Canada’s largest national fundraising … [Read More...]


Please Just Leave Bruce Jenner Alone

    The other day I was at the checkout in the grocery store and glanced at the rows and rows of gossip mags with Bruce Jenner plastered across the fronts. Some with rather obviously photo-shopped lipstick or unflattering droopy man-boobs. Some with Bruce looking just like many Californians who have had a little too much work done. Whatever angle the tabloids are playing for the sensationalism of the story. The … [Read More...]

cord blood donation

Cord Blood Donation is Easier Than You Think

Of all the things I’ve ever donated in life, giving blood has been the easiest. It causes me no financial pain and yet it still does a world of good for those in need. What I give is naturally replenished in my own body, causing exactly zero discomfort to me. Finally, as an added bonus, it’s a donation I’m happy to give knowing that someday I may need it myself. In fact, I only have one regret when it comes to donating to … [Read More...]

life with boys

Sock it to Me; Life with Boys

I have two children. They’re…well, they’re many things but the point of my post today is my son. He’s nine and has a name with letters in it and the word means something in Greek or Italian or Latin I’m not sure which but boy did we pick the right one for him. Other suitable name choices would have been “JustGiveMeFiveMinutesPLEASE,” “OhferChrist’sSake” or “IAmBeggingYouAtThisPointToGoToBed!” Anything in that family. He is a … [Read More...]

Kate Spade bangle

Crush and Covet: Pretty specs, pottery & bangles

Let's talk about Mother's Day. It's the one day — ONE DAY, FAMILY! — where all we want is not to pick up the socks you wore during last week's trail run, or find mouldy food containers at the bottom of a school bag, or discover your hey-this-needs-washing-mom sports jock on top of the clean bras we finally treated ourselves to because the ratty tan ones had to go. And breathe. We want pretty, and the flower … [Read More...]

Wherever You Roam is Home


Five Day Trips from Paris

Every trip to France is a chance to explore hidden or off the beaten path gems. The region around Paris, or Île-de-France, holds many treasures that don't see the same traffic as their more famous neighbours Euro Disney and Versailles, and these can be visited in day trips from Paris. A short drive or RER (commuter train) ride out of the city and the … [Read More...]

Villa Del Palmar, Loreto Mexico, Sunset

You’ll Never Want to Leave Villa Del Palmar Loreto Mexico

Whenever I travel somewhere new I like to find one word to describe it so that I can focus on that feeling when sharing the essence of a place with others. On the third morning of a recent visit to Villa Del Pamar in Loreto, Mexico I slipped down to the restaurant to grab a tea. It was just before sunrise and I seemed to be the only one who hadn’t received … [Read More...]


What to Pack in a Carry-On

The hotel is booked, your bags are packed, and the flight is leaving in a few hours. That's it, right? NO! That's not it. A seasoned traveller knows what to pack in a carry-on bag. Forget laptops and other work paraphernalia, diaper bags and slings, and anything containing crayons or dinky cars. We're prepping a grown woman's … [Read More...]


8 Best Places to Get Your Irish On

Ireland isn’t the only place on the planet to get your Irish on this St. Patrick’s Day. While the day — March 17 — began as a feast day for the Irish Saint, it’s now evolved into a worldwide party for anyone with a drop of Irish blood, or anyone who’s ever tasted Irish cream liqueur. Where do you fit in? 8 Best Places To Get Your Irish On New York City, New … [Read More...]

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best summer drinks

Best Summer Drink Recipes 2013

I am in no way encouraging you to partake in these alcoholic beverages. No sirree bob. I am no enabler. BUT if you do occasionally imbibe then here are my best summer drink recipes for 2013. In the meantime I'll work … [Read More...]

grand raspberry fizz

Grand Raspberry Fizz

Meet my new favourite drink, the Grand Raspberry Fizz. No one was more surprised than me to find out that Grand Marnier can be the star attraction in a cocktail. I'd only ever given Grand Marnier the nod as a bit … [Read More...]

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Mombies (Or How to Make Zombies)

Woohoo Mama! You made it! Labour Day weekend is here and your children have made it through the summer in one piece, and you too presumably. This is cause for celebration. I suggest you grab your bestie for this drink, … [Read More...]

Frozen French Lemonade

Frozen French Lemonade

I tell you, those LCBO Food & Drink magazines are like my bible when it comes to drinks. I found this recipe for Frozen French Lemonade in my 2006 edition and had to try it! Yes, I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to … [Read More...]

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