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Christmas Mourning

This year my holiday spirit is...well, less than stellar, which does not bode well in my house since my husband is already on the naughty list for not being a fan of the holidays any year. When my cheer’o’meter is low, I can usually fill it up rather quickly. This year however, there is just nothing in the tank. My family is dealing with loss over this holiday season. Unfortunately I have experience dealing with loss at this tim … [Read More...]

value village, gifts under the tree

Value Village – The Gift of Giving All Year Round

For the past seven months I have been working with Value Village to bring helpful articles to my readers on everything from busting myths about thrifting to having fun with vintage dishes in your backyard  to money-saving tips for back to school. It's been fun and I love that they have encouraged Life in Pleasantville to share useful information with readers and not just a "sales pitch". I haven't shared very much about … [Read More...]

Cookies For Christmas

Super Easy Sugar Cookies for Christmas

For the last few years, I’ve leaned towards DIY Christmas gifts for my loved ones – in part because budgeting for gifts is extremely difficult on a single income, but also because I love making things. After spending hours and hours trying to decide what the “best” gift for this person or that person might be, I threw caution to the wind last year and made almost every gift I gave. It was awesome. My favourite DIYs involve … [Read More...]

Up-cycling Old Christmas Cards into Small Gift Boxes

DIY Gift Boxes: Up-cycling Christmas Cards

I don't know about you, but the hardest things for me to toss at the end of Christmas are the Christmas cards that have arrived from across the country throughout the season. I know that keeping them serves no logical purpose, and I know that if I do keep them, I'll end up like my mom with a large shoe box full of 20 years of Christmas cards in my linen closet, still I can't help but squirrel those cards away. … [Read More...]

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love Christmastime and all the feel good giving, time with family, and parties with great food. Oh, the food *wipes drool and loosens belt in preparation for some epicurean debauchery*. This is the time of year that people bring out their best party recipes or their personal food treasures and share amongst their friends. I’m not the bravest party goer who will try one of everything on the buffet table - unless it’s the sweets tab … [Read More...]

winter wonderland, Mont Tremblant

Winter Wonderlands – The Best of Ontario & Quebec

I used to hate winter —completely and utterly loathe it. I would get cranky when the leaves would disappear and pretty much hibernate until spring. Then I had a lightbulb moment. Unless I was moving my family to Hawaii, it was time to get with the program and embrace the snow. After all, in Canada, winter weather can be up to a five month affair. That's a lot of time to spend cooped up inside, especially with children. So I p … [Read More...]

Bottoms Up

A sparkling wine, cranberry juice, and ginger ale holiday cocktail.

Thursday Night Cocktail : Cranberry Sparkler

This week’s Thursday night cocktail is light and fresh and is inspired by the idea that the key to surviving the holiday season marathon without feeling like we need a two-week stay at a detox spa, is moderation. Moderation: from the Old French word meaning thou shalt not eat all the shortbread and chocolate and Brie and get away scot-free. It’s a loo … [Read More...]

how to destress your holidays, holiday entertaining,

THE PEOPLE ARE COMING ..How to Destress your holidays

Someone told be the other day how many shopping days were left until Christmas and I nearly fell over. How did this happen? Where was I? I hate when holiday hell just sneaks up on you like that. I need time to get my brain ready long before I can think of actually making plans and shopping for the season. On top of all that, this year we are now new owners of a … [Read More...]

Apple pie on the rocks

Thursday Night Cocktail: Apple Pie On The Rocks

This is not your Grandma’s apple pie. Or maybe it is your Grandma’s apple pie, but it’s the one she hid in the kitchen and likely the reason she had to go back just once more to bring out the extra cups or napkins or a smidge more whipped cream, every time she hosted family dinners. Think about it! Grandma was gone a lot and didn’t she lose some of her social … [Read More...]

Candy Shandy

Thursday Night Cocktail: Scary Good Halloween Candy Shandy

It's Thursday again already and who's ready for another Thursday Night Cocktail ? Join me, won't you? In case you've forgotten, tomorrow is Halloween and it's going to be costumes and candy and kids and rainbow coloured-barf and screaming and candy-trade fights and...this can't just be at my house. I don't know how it works at your place but over here one … [Read More...]

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Christmas All The Things


Fifth Day of Christmas

I'm not sure why I get so sentimental this time of year, but I do. I get ridiculously nostalgic and highly emotional. I look at my children, I get weepy. I hear a Christmas song, I get weepy. I see a Hallmark commercial, … [Read More...]

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Beaches Twitter Party #FamilyTravelCA

I have a serious crush on Beaches Resorts. My family has vacationed at Beaches Ocho Rios, Beaches Negril and most recently we visited Beaches in Turks and Caicos. Every resort is stunning. From the picture perfect views … [Read More...]

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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair opens its doors November 7, 2014 for the 92nd instalment of what has become a favourite Toronto tradition. The fair brings together the best of Canadian agricultural producers and … [Read More...]

go rving blogger

I’m a Go RVing Blogger! #GoRVing

This summer I wrote a post about Lake George RV Park in the Adirondacks as part of a campaign through Scholastic for Go RVing. That post led to an email which led to a phone call which led to me being a featured blogger … [Read More...]

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