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Frozen Berries and Vanilla Yogurt Pops

Frozen Berries and Vanilla Yogurt Pops

I love summer and I love summer foods.  I think we tend to live on BBQ meals, cold ones and tons of frozen pops.  Since we seem to inhale every frozen pop around in a matter of a day,  I started to make these super easy and delicious Frozen Berries and Vanilla Yogurt Pops.   Making these frozen pops is really too easy.  The kids will enjoy making them and creating so many different flavours. … [Read More...]


Crush and Covet Goes Camping

Who knew there were so many glampers out there? It seems the crew at Life In Pleasantville swings mostly to the side of glamping, not camping. In preparation for the weekend getaways this summer, we've rounded up our favourite must-haves if you're braving the wilds, or just the communal showers. Candace Derickx - I’m a glamper, not a camper. My family however, has different ideas that take us away from electricity … [Read More...]


Fresh Grilled Peach Sundaes

If you're looking for an easy and delicious dessert idea that will wrap-up a perfect BBQ dinner, then Fresh Grilled Peach Sundaes are it! The peaches grill up in minutes and they pair well with creamy vanilla ice cream. Choose your topping, a dollop of whipped cream and it's yum in a bowl. Grilling is a favourite way to cook in the summer in most households, mine included. Food tastes amazing, … [Read More...]

10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World

10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World

Each time I tell someone we always plan our Walt Disney World trips to take place during the month of August, I'm always asked about the heat. Yes, it's HOT in Florida in August...but the timing just works well for us for several reasons. The kids are out of school, it's a fun last hurrah before September rolls around, and there are often discounts available at this time. Not to mention, we really don't mind the heat. Over the … [Read More...]

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Potato Curry Salad

Curry Potato Salad with Sweet Peas

I love potato salad. To me it's not just a side for picnics, it's a meal. Through the school year, I routinely make potato salad to cover school and work lunches. So when Patak's asked me to try a recipe from their amazing online cookbook Smoke & Spice, I jumped at the opportunity to make their Samosa Inspired Potato Salad. To me, it's a Creamy Curry Potato … [Read More...]

mushroom & potato curry

Mushroom & Potato Curry

Houston, we have a problem. Or maybe that should be Delhi, we have a problem. Either way I have a serious addiction now to Indian Food, courtesy of Patak's bringing me on as an ambassador. On a recent trip to Florida we searched high and low for Indian and had an amazing meal from The Clay Oven in Kissimmee and even found some new dishes to try when we got home. … [Read More...]


Blueberry Syrup

I love Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday, not because it signals the beginning of Lent, but because it's an easy peasy dinner day! Seriously is there anything easier than pancakes? Unless of course your Facebook page is filled with Suzy Homemakers who decide to up the ante and make apple cinnamon pancakes or blueberry pancakes. Really ladies? You can't throw down … [Read More...]

mango spinach smoothie

Mango Spinach Smoothie

I honestly have no idea how I came to love spinach smoothies. For the most part I'm completely anti-green when it comes to drinks. I prefer red. Ultimately though, I guess it's the fact that no matter what you just can't taste the spinach in a spinach smoothie. That's why I love this Mango Spinach Smoothie. And just in case you doubt the power of spinach … [Read More...]

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