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Got Guilt?

Got Guilt? Get Over Yourself

I go to karate classes almost every week and almost every week I walk away with more than a martial arts lesson. Often my instructor says something that makes my ears perk up and my brain start humming because what he said is something directly related to what he is teaching, but it’s also totally applicable to everyday life. At one class during a kicking drill he said, “If you can see the kick coming in time for you to back up, … [Read More...]


Canadian Winter Festivals – Winter is Fun, Get out There!

Canadians know how to throw a party, and we don’t let a little thing like -21C (that’s -6F for our American friends) stop us. After all, if we restricted our celebrations to the days we felt all ten toes and our ears weren’t red, some parts of Canada would only get out for nine weeks of the year. We’ve adapted to the conditions by coming up with some creative Canadian winter festivals, and we’re happy to share them with visitors. Wh … [Read More...]

Campbell's Creamy Perogie Dinner

Creamy Perogie Dinner

There's been an interesting trend lately in my house—I hand my husband a recipe and he cooks it. I then photograph and eat it. In news that will surprise no one, I am really liking this trend. He was quick to jump in and make the Campbell's Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo and he insisted on  making this Campbell's Creamy Perogie Dinner. I will admit I was skeptical trying this. I am a perogie purist—onions, bacon, sour cre … [Read More...]


Understanding Food Labels and How It Affects YOU

Labels are critical to help you keep track of your things. The same is true of the food labels that appear on every package in North American and there are certain standards that must be followed by law. There are also private systems that have been designed which may contribute to “nutrition confusion”. The Health Check System in Canada which is a Heart and Stroke Foundation comes to mind as one that hasn’t lived up to rigorous … [Read More...]


Rosamund Pike’s Golden Globe Dress Wasn’t Brave

Rosamund Pike was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her stellar portrayal of Amy Dunne in the movie Gone Girl. Gone Girl was one of my most favourite books and movies of last year and if I were a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press, Rosamund would definitely get my vote. She was incredible as Amy Dunne and she made the movie, in my opinion. Rosamund had her second child about 5 weeks ago, so she's been largely out of the … [Read More...]


48 Hours in Vancouver

Imagine you’ve booked a ski holiday in Whistler, but the best flight to the west coast has you arriving on Friday and your lodging and lessons don’t begin until Monday. What are your options? Many British Columbians might be easier going than those of us scurrying down Bay or Wall Street, but unrolling a sleeping bag and firing up a camp stove in front of the Chateau Whistler is frowned upon. Spend the weekend in Vancouver instead a … [Read More...]

Momma’s Got An Opinion


What Single Motherhood Has Taught Me

Today (January 14) will mark the five-year anniversary of my Momdom – it’s my son’s fifth birthday. I can still feel the weight of his 7lb13oz when the doctor placed him in my arms. I can still see the tears in his father’s eyes – and in my mom’s eyes – as we all marvelled at how one, 22-inch-long person could bring so much joy and so much life so quickly. I alway … [Read More...]

The Golden Rule Is Wrong

The Golden Rule is Wrong

We all preach it: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It’s a simple principle: treat others as you wish to be treated. But, what if we're doing it all wrong? At only four, my son already knows that everyone – every. single. person. – is unique. We are all our own person. Our different experiences, backgrounds and physiological make-ups are the r … [Read More...]

Minecraft tips

Helpful Tips for Minecraft Parents

Do you have a child between the ages of seven and “I-stopped-counting-after-the-third-candle”? Did you also make the huge mistake of giving them access to electricity? Do you provide opportunities for that child to have social contact with other human life forms? Do they shout random terms like “Butter!” and “Creeper Lava Diamond Pig!” even before you give him a d … [Read More...]


Snack Attack: Stop the Madness

When I became a mother I knew the role would require me to fulfill certain tasks, but I never realized how it would be a full-time job keeping my children satiated. Children everywhere around me appeared to be hungry at all times and it was a given that I should prevent my kids from understanding what hunger felt like. As I looked around and learned from other … [Read More...]

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grilled tex mex sandwich

#Dinnerin15 Grilled Tex Mex Sandwich

Dinner in 15 is no joke in this house. It's a real occurrence twice a week when my children fly through the door after school and have exactly 30 minutes to get changed, eat and then leave for their four hour cheer … [Read More...]

Crockpot Creamy Chicken

Creamy Crockpot Chicken

I really don't use my Crockpot often enough. Usually it sits in the bottom of my cabinet, lurking, until it's time to make a pulled pork or something else that you must braise unto oblivion, then tear apart and slather … [Read More...]

best chicken salad recipe

The Best Chicken Salad Recipe Ever

Who ever coined the expression "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" was obviously standing over a stove in July when they said it. The heat here the last few days has been oppressive (as a good Canadian … [Read More...]

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Where do you want to go?


48 Hours in Vancouver

Imagine you’ve booked a ski holiday in Whistler, but the best flight to the west coast has you arriving on Friday and your lodging and lessons don’t begin until Monday. What are your options? Many British Columbians mig … [Read More...]

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