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Ask Millicent: Keeping Calm in a Storm of Stupid

Dear Millicent,  I am a person who feels things. I am quick to laugh, quick to empathetic tears, and more distressingly, quick to "oh my god, your stupidity is making me rage volcano spew fiery hot lava through my veins." When issues arise because of other people not using a single ounce of logic or shred of reasoning, I fear I might give myself an aneurysm. It's my natural reaction. Luckily, I know better than to speak to … [Read More...]

Family First Aid Kit

Family First Aid: Nexcare Has You Covered

There are a few things you want to have in your home and car at all times. My list is pretty simple: Number one is music. What is life without a soundtrack to live it by? The next item is food, because being hungry is probably my most dangerous state, and the final item is a First Aid Kit. Ask anyone how important this last item is after they've dealt with "Hungry Jeni." Everyone should have a comprehensive emergency first … [Read More...]

travel in style

#FamilyTravelCA Twitter Party – Travel in Style

When I was a little girl, getting on a plane was a big deal. You didn't just hop into any old thing you had, you dressed in your very best. Times have changed, I have not. I still, believe it or not, carefully choose a travel outfit for the way to a destination and the way back. I try to co-ordinate my purse to my shoes to my carry on. What can I say? I like to travel in style. That's why I'm so excited about the next … [Read More...]

quitting extracurriculars

Stick or Quit: When to Let Your Child Abandon an Extracurricular Activity

We've covered the many benefits of kids participating in sports and arts based extracurricular activities in Top 10 Benefits of Sports-Based Extracurricular Activities and Top 10 Reasons Your Kids Need Arts-Based Extracurricular Activities. You evaluated your options and chose an activity (or a few!) and hopefully your child is enjoying their activity and everything is tickety-boo at home. For some families however, things may … [Read More...]

Who’s Hungry?

Hot Coffee Drink with Baileys and Chocolate Syrup

Thursday Night Cocktail – Chocolate Irish Coffee

 I sometimes like to brag about how terrible my job is. "Welp," I said, "Today I've an assignment to make and photograph an alcoholic coffee drink. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it." Rotten tomatoes ensued, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I do like working as a food blogger. It doesn't pay nearly as well as my old job (at least not yet), but … [Read More...]

slow cooker applesauce

The Easiest Applesauce You’ll Every Make

I love the changing of the seasons, especially Fall, with it's red, orange, and yellow leaves. It's such a show-off. Kind of like this slow cooker applesauce. It takes the very best apples the season has to offer and mixes them into this incredibly easy recipe. So easy that you'll wonder why you ever made apple sauce on the stove top in the first place. What I … [Read More...]

Canadian Whisky recipes

Thursday Night Cocktail – Canadian Whisky and Maple Cider

Here at Life in Pleasantville we understand that some weeks just cannot be over soon enough. Especially now, as the days get shorter and our waking hours are book ended by darkness, sometimes a gal needs a little medicinal to get her through those especially rough days. It's not even about the alcohol, really. It's more about taking a moment to sit down, put your … [Read More...]

How to Have Delicious Turkey Soup for Free

How to Have Delicious Turkey Soup for Free (a Mooching-Off Relatives Tale)

I love soup. Soupy, soup soup. And when turkey time of year rolls around, I get a little flutter of glee because I know that I’m going to score me some delicious turkey soup. And it  will cost nada. You have to make it, but who cares? SOUP FOR YOU. Pay attention to me, grasshopper, and I will teach you the way of the free-soup ninja. Know the Turkey S … [Read More...]

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Family First Aid Kit

Family First Aid: Nexcare Has You Covered

There are a few things you want to have in your home and car at all times. My list is pretty simple: Number one is music. What is life without a soundtrack to live it by? The next item is food, because being hungry is … [Read More...]

Redbox Canada Giveaway

Movie Buffs Rejoice with Redbox Canada

When the wind is whipping outside and the snow is higher than my trusty Sorels, I love nothing more than curling up on the couch with a big blanket and a great movie. I use this time of year to get caught up on as many … [Read More...]

digital health

How Technology is Transforming Healthcare

November 23rd of this year will mark two years since my husband had his heart attack. On that day and in the time since, he has received excellent care and we have a renewed appreciation for our Canadian health care … [Read More...]

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