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Crush and Covet: Guadeloupe, Kate Spade & Iceland.

We're all over the place this week; some of us want Iceland — if you can't beat 'em, join 'em — others are jonesing for the feeling of toes in the sand, and then there are the more reasonable members of the team who are helping us find the perfect balm for chapped lips or something to decorate away the winter doldrums.  We're an inclusive bunch and we'd love to showcase what you crush and covet, so leave a comment or se … [Read More...]

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How To Be A Good Partner

We do a lot of partner work in karate class and it got me to thinking, what does being a good karate partner teach me about being a good marriage partner? Be generous with the do overs Karate: Last night I was working with a lady who is still getting used to the way you position your hands for certain self defense moves. If she made a mistake I’d call a do over and let her try again. I gave up a couple of my turns so t … [Read More...]


Winter, Go the F**k Away (An Eastern Canadian Poem)

The darkness is long, and it lingers. The ice is hard on the bay. It's so damn cold out it freezes my nose-hairs. Winter, go the f**k away. The ground is hard and it's frozen. My grass is dead where it lays. Mr. Groundhog's a corpse-icle down there. Please. Go the f**k away. Leaving bed every morning is torture. The blankets where I wish I could stay. But the kid has to get ready for school now. And winter's not … [Read More...]


Top 10 Travel Apps

A great travel app should make your life easier, whether you’re camped out under a beach parasol in Martinique or backpacking between B&Bs in Slovenia. There are countless — really, I lost count — apps available for day-trippers and world adventurers to help you prepare a trip, and once you’re on the ground, make the most of the places you’re visiting. I’ve narrowed it down to ten basic apps that will help you save money and tim … [Read More...]


Sorry (Not Sorry)

We Canadians are famous for being "too polite" (is there such a thing?) and I know full well that I am "polite" and "apologetic" to a fault. Mr Hockey Coach once threw his hands up in the air and asked me why I was so apologetic all the time. I didn't really have an answer. I've apologized to people who've hit me with their shopping car, run into me on a sidewalk and stepped on my toe. How dare I take up space! But I've been … [Read More...]

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Crush and Covet – Les Miserable, Def Leppard and Leather Cuffs

The side effect of compiling a list of what the writers at Life In Pleasantville crush and covet is a personal list that grows every week. The other side effect is the realization that our crushes aren't defined by what society or the media tells us is age appropriate, or intellectual enough, or too cheap, or politically correct, or … you see where this is going? This is our place to indulge in a bit of fantasy. We get … [Read More...]

Jamaica, anyone?

Mayfield Falls Jamaica

Mayfield Falls Jamaica

On our last trip to Jamaica, my husband and I were looking for something different to do. On previous trips we had visited Dunn's River Falls and rafted on the Martha Brae and loved the experience. Jamaica's interior is rich with natural wonder so we knew there had to be something new to try. We decided on a day trip to Mayfield Falls. A roughly 90 minute … [Read More...]

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Rick’s Cafe Jamaica – Iconic Tourist Trap

If you've never been to Jamaica, at the very least you are familiar with a few of it's gifts that are uniquely their own. Simply mention Jerk, Red Stripe, Reggae, Blue Mountain Coffee, or  Bob Marley  and people are whistling Three Little Birds and looking for their swimsuit. And chances are that long before they even booked their first trip they heard about the i … [Read More...]

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Get Happy in Jamaica

By Candace Derickx I am missing Jamaica today. After six visits I feel like it's a home away from home. Most obviously, I miss the weather. But I also miss the food, the music, and the people. What made me so nostalgic for the land of green, gold and black? It was this commercial from Volkswagen that was released for the Superbowl. … [Read More...]


Sandals Foundation

  by Candace Derickx What does a business do that inspires brand loyalty in you? Is it good service? Exceptional value? Great product? For me, those things matter greatly but they don't usually inspire my undying devotion. What really binds me to a business brand is what they give back in their community. A couple of years ago, my family visited … [Read More...]

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For Your Sweet Tooth


Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

One of the best investments I ever made for my kitchen was our ice cream maker. I never knew how easy making your own ice cream was! Also, gone are the ingredients we can't pronounce. They have no place in my house or my … [Read More...]

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Chocolate Stuffed French Toast

Yesterday morning I made Chocolate Stuffed French Toast for my children......on a school day. I mean seriously, how impressive am I? I am owning the mother of the year title this year through that one simple act alone. … [Read More...]


Cinnamon Belgian Waffles

If you don't have a waffle maker, you should really consider investing in one. They make you look talented and stuff. I have lots of different recipes for waffles but these are by far my favorite. Light and airy with … [Read More...]


Maple Oatmeal Scones

Oh Ina, I love you so much, but I had to chuckle this morning when making these. Here's the quote from the book that made me grin "with the addition of whole-wheat flour and oatmeal (to give it texture), pure maple syrup … [Read More...]

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Where do you want to go?


Top 10 Travel Apps

A great travel app should make your life easier, whether you’re camped out under a beach parasol in Martinique or backpacking between B&Bs in Slovenia. There are countless — really, I lost count — apps available for d … [Read More...]

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Safe Winter Driving Tips from Ford Canada

I love clearing snow off my car and getting into an ice cold vehicle. Said no one ever. Let's face it, winter driving is a bit of a chore. It's also the most dangerous time of year to drive with the elements stacked … [Read More...]

time is a luxury, Mont Tremblant, Hotel Quintessence

Time is A Luxury – Bend it to Your Will

I am not zen. I live by the work hard, play harder philosophy. Zen moments—that is moments where I am in the moment—are few and far between. Typically when I’m working I’m dreaming of playing and vice versa. The consequ … [Read More...]

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