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Varage Sale

Join the #VarageSale Twitter Party August 5th at 8PM EDT

Every once in awhile an idea comes along that’s so brilliant you know that only a mother could have thought of it. Such is the case with VarageSale, the buy/sell phenomenon sweeping across the globe with millions already on board. Tami Zuckerman was spending a lot of time in bed during her pregnancy due to nausea. In order to keep boredom at bay she passed the time on social media and began to notice an interesting trend. People … [Read More...]

Ikea hack

DIY this: Favourite IKEA Hacks

The IKEA Hack. If you have spent any time at all on Pinterest, you have no doubt come across a few. The idea? You take a piece of IKEA furniture which, although modern and well designed, is probably in both your neighbours and pals’ places too. And who wants their stuff to look like everybody else’s? For me, a well-designed space doesn’t have to cost much, but really should have personality. Interesting artwork, re-furbished … [Read More...]

Stupid Tax, Are you paying this?

Stop paying the Stupid Tax – Get Control of Your Life

Are you one of those chronically disorganized people who is constantly playing catch-up? Apologizing for showing up late? Not able to find or remember important tasks or papers? Taking the expensive shortcut because you are so far behind that you’ve left yourself no other option? If so, chances are it is costing you a lot more than you think. Never mind what it costs you in terms of your reputation (because even if they … [Read More...]


Join the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party July 29th at 8PM

Oh Summer, how are we already half way through you? We haven't had enough time together yet; not enough time swimming, entertaining, grilling, sitting around campfires and definitely not enough time picnicking. I'm on a mission to squeeze as much fun into you as I can though, so watch out August, here I come! That's why I'm super excited to join the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party this Wednesday, July 29th at 8pm EDT. We'll be … [Read More...]

10 Things You Should Do With Your Kids Every Summer

10 Things You Should Do With Your Kids Every Summer

Eighteen summers, that’s all we have with our children before they leave the nest. The weight of that number is weighing heavy on me lately. I am already at summer #12 and #10 with my daughters. We long ago surpassed the halfway mark and I am acutely aware of how fast it’s all gone. Summer, like our children’s growth, is fleeting. Both need to be embraced without reservation and with complete enthusiasm. That’s why I believe there … [Read More...]

Greek Picnic Salad

Greek Picnic Salad Or How to Get More Feta in Your Life

Hand over my heart as I tell you this, no carb has ever passed my lips that I didn't love. Bread, pasta, rice—I love them all. That's why this Greek Picnic Salad gets me excited because it's not really a traditional green salad but rather a carb salad. Yeah baby, now we're talking. I love this Greek Picnic Salad because the rice and chick peas make  it satisfying enough to be a meal on it's own. It's also perfect served … [Read More...]

Wherever You Roam is Home

st. thomas USVI

Why the GoPro is the Perfect Family Travel Companion

I'm not gonna lie. I was a little annoyed with all the GoPro advertising showing athletes and daredevils jumping out of planes, climbing mountains and such. I mean, sure that's adventurous and everything but it's not as hardcore as this parenting gig is. Seriously, if there's any group on earth that needs to keep their hands free while capturing all the action, … [Read More...]

Martha's Vineyard

Island Hopping In Massachusetts

You've no doubt heard of Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod and Nantucket. These islands are synonymous with Massachusetts and known the world over for their beauty and authentic charm. They are however, not the only islands to see in Massachusetts. Here are three you may not have heard of, but should definitely seek out when visiting Massachusetts! Island Hopping … [Read More...]

Back to Basics - Guide to Winter Driving JPEG

Safe Winter Driving Tips from Ford Canada

I love clearing snow off my car and getting into an ice cold vehicle. Said no one ever. Let's face it, winter driving is a bit of a chore. It's also the most dangerous time of year to drive with the elements stacked against us in every single way—ice on the roads, heavy or drifting snow and fewer daylight hours are just a few of the obstacles we face in the … [Read More...]


10 Must Haves for Travel with Newborns

When two became three a year and a half ago, we really had to think about what items we packed for our month long travels. Travel with newborns can be easy as long as you have the right gear. We covered 15 cities in 6 countries during the little one’s first year! Here’s some of my must haves for travelling during those early months. 1.    Infant travel bed – The … [Read More...]

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Reduce Travel Stress

Nine Ways to Reduce Travel Stress

Travel is a funny thing. It’s meant to bring relaxation but it often brings the complete opposite.  The more I’ve travelled though, the more I’ve learned to play an offensive game. While there's nothing you can do … [Read More...]

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Crush and Covet: Steaks, Serum & Skirts

There are two seasons in most parts of Canada: winter and summer. In theory we have four, but with El Ninjo and the polar ice caps melting and the Pollen Storm of 2015 (ACHOO!) messing with our closet space and … [Read More...]

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