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10 tools every DIYer needs

10 Essential DIY Tools for DIY Success

After buying our first fixer upper house in 2009, transforming it on a zero-budget, and then recently tackling a large-scale addition and renovation in 2014/15, we have tackled do-it-yourself projects big and small. You can catch most of them over at my blog, THE SWEETEST DIGS. There is nothing I love more than rescuing a piece of furniture in the garbage pile and giving it new life by sanding it down, staining or painting, … [Read More...]

bear win over the bull in stock market and euro crisis

Don’t Panic, We’ve Done this Before. How to Cope with Market Crashes.

Stay calm. Breathe in, aaaand breathe out. You've likely been hearing through the media that the stock markets are falling. We are in crisis, recession, dark clouds etc., etc.  According to the media, it's the end of the world as we know it. Not so fast! Remember that this has happened before, most recently in 2000 and 2007-08. It is simply the nature and history of the stock market. It may (or may not depending … [Read More...]

sugar gives way to other sweeteners

Sugar Gives Way to Other Sweeteners

If I were sugar, now would be the time to take cover and either start looking for a new job or find a safe way to retire. Maybe partnering with newer, better versions of sweetness would be worth investigation because, everywhere I would look, the future would be grim. I would see that my days were numbered as North Americans continue to reduce their consumption of soda pop, and governments crack down on how I am labelled. … [Read More...]

TD Aeroplan

Join the #TDAeroplan Twitter Chat August 27th at 8PM EDT

Stop! Don't put those suitcases from your summer travels away just yet. The best time for travel is just around the corner. Fall is my favourite time to get away for several reasons. Crowds are significantly decreased, the weather is not too hot and  pricing is spectacular. Plus, who can resist the gorgeous fall colours? That's why I'm excited to join in the #TDAeroplan Twitter party this Thursday night as we discuss the … [Read More...]


9 Tips to Avoid the Back-To-School Money Pit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for parents of school-aged children! But is it really? With the happiness of sending kids back to school comes the concern about the cost of it all. Each year the cost of clothing and school supplies goes up as schools put more and more of the cost back onto the parents. And those school supplies lists aren't getting any shorter! Janet Gray — Financial Planner and Money Coach … [Read More...]


Join the #grandandtoyB2S Twitter Party August 25th at 8PM EDT

I haven't quite decided if that extra week of summer we're getting this year is a blessing or a curse. My youngest daughter has decided she's my personal make-up artist and gives me makeovers at my desk, while my oldest has made it her personal mission to break Netflix (apologies in advance if she succeeds). Me thinks it's time for school to start. And guess what? 17 MORE SLEEPS!!!!! *wave muppet arms* Only seventeen more … [Read More...]

Wherever You Roam is Home

gringotts bank

Immerse Yourself in the World of Harry Potter

Less than a month after the new Diagon Alley and Hogswart Express opened in the summer of 2014, just over 1 million people made the trek to visit the crown jewel at Universal Studios Orlando. By the time we made it there in the fall, there were probably a million more, and it's not hard to see why people will be flocking here for years and years to … [Read More...]

Welcome mat for visitors

How To Be A Good Houseguest

You’ve saved your money, arranged time off from the daily routine, and arrived by plane, train, or automobile to parts unknown. Okay, maybe not entirely unknown if you’re visiting a friend or your ancestral home, but at the very least you are out of your house. These visits can range in length from a weekend away to a few weeks overseas and are a welcome … [Read More...]

about laos

Five Surprising Things About Laos

I ran away from home in January. This isn’t as cowardly as it sounds, although I did ditch my children, husband, alarm clock, math homework, and the cold. There was a reason for it. My mother grew up in Laos and I had the chance to discover her country through her eyes. This allowed me to visit as a tourist, but with a local slant. The flavours and sounds of … [Read More...]

time is a luxury, Mont Tremblant, Hotel Quintessence

Time is A Luxury – Bend it to Your Will

I am not zen. I live by the work hard, play harder philosophy. Zen moments—that is moments where I am in the moment—are few and far between. Typically when I’m working I’m dreaming of playing and vice versa. The consequence is that I’m slightly frenetic. (I can hear the sniggering from here of those that know me well.) Funny then, that I should learn to … [Read More...]

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Reduce Travel Stress

Nine Ways to Reduce Travel Stress

Travel is a funny thing. It’s meant to bring relaxation but it often brings the complete opposite.  The more I’ve travelled though, the more I’ve learned to play an offensive game. While there's nothing you can do … [Read More...]

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