Top Ten Gifts for the Shutterbug


by Cherie-Lynn Buchanan

It’s no secret that I love Christmas and everything that it brings with it. Well, that’s not exactly true – I’m not a shopper in the least so for me my shopping list is like gold! I have also been know to do all of my Christmas shopping online so I don’t have to go to the mall. Please don’t take my girl card away 🙂

OK so now that that is out of the way – Let’s talk camera stuff! Now that is something I can shop for.

Although I’m a Canon girl the brand is pure preference as the whole Canon/Nikon thing all comes down to what feels better in your hand.

So lets get started.

1) For the person that already has a DSLR – the nifty fifty is the perfect lens to take photos of the kids around the house or to photograph things for your blog. It’s light weight and really just great value. There aren’t many photographers that don’t carry this lens. The really great news there are different levels to it and the entry level one is fairly inexpensive and will garner great results.

2) On every photographers list – a lens coffee mug. Really there’s nothing else to say except this is just pure fun!

3) A Kelly Moore Bag! What is a Kelly Moore bag – It’s an awesome camera bag that looks like a designer purse. Us girls like pretty things and the plain black bags that you usually see just don’t cut it anymore. I have the 2 Sues in mustard and I don’t leave home without it. As an added bonus – It will also fit your iPad.

4) For the photographer with a point and shoot a water bottle tripod from Photojojo is pretty cool. With this they can actually be in some of the pictures.

5) A really cool iPhone case. My girlfriend bought me a bamboo case that looks looks like a camera that is just the coolest thing. This is also another one of my favourites. This one requires a little work from you but is super cool and your will get bonus points because you put the work in yourself.

6) A photography book or a set of books. I always recommend the Scott Kelby books. They are a really easy, straight to the point kind of read. There is tons of information and I guarantee that your gift receiver will be thrilled with these.

7) Lightroom 4 is a fantastic deal for $100. This program will let you keep your photographs organized and the bonus is that Lightroom also has photo editing capabilities to boot. The program is worth it’s weigh in gold. I’m not going to lie it’s not the easiest to learn so if this is on your gift list to might want to include a Lightroom 4 book with it. Note: Make sure it’s a Lightroom 4 book as there are significant changes between 3 & 4.

8) Those that know me know that I’m a huge promoter of “Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Jpegs” So my next must have for the photographer on your list – a gift card from Canvas Pop. They are a great Canadian company based out of Ottawa and the quality of their canvases are incredible. Additional tip make sure to get them enough for a canvas no smaller than 16 X20. If your printing a canvas I always say the bigger the better.

9) Memory Cards. There isn’t  a photographer that I know that can’t use additional memory cards. There is always a constant discussion about what size. For me I hate running out of space so I buy big (32G) cards when possible.

10) If you have someone that truly wants to improve their photography buy them a proper flash. When proper flash technique is learned the sky is the limit with possibilities. If the budget doesn’t allow for a flash a video light or LED flash is also a great gift. Try Video Light.

I’ll be honest I think I have the best job ever and the fact that I get to take pictures for a living makes me giddy with excitement.

Here are a few little tidbits about me;

I am a self-diagnosed Cake Addict!
I love everything Apple!
I’m a Canon Girl!
I listen to a lot of Canadian music — Stan Rogers & Gordon Lightfoot are my favourites.
I love to travel and move making me a Gypsy at heart.
I am a complete lover Of life.
I’m also a big believer of – Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Jpegs

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      Katja one of the other things I do is send my husband the link to my gift board on pinterest. Throughout the year I pin things that I would like so whenever he needs a gift for me that’s the first place he heads to. 

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    Love this list Cherie-Lynn and the pretty purse bag is EXACTLY what I want for Christmas… I knew they were out there, but just hadn’t spent enough time searching online. Now, my husband and kids can do that and I can hopefully find one under the tree on the 25th! 
    🙂 Cheerio
    p.s. And to add to CL’s list, for an easy to use digital photo editing/organizing software, try Creative Memories Memory Manager 4.0 Best value, easy to use and I’ll tell you, when I imported the 14,000 images and all that mega-data from the backup MM asked me to onto a new computer, I did the happy dance!

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      I promise you Cathy if you find one of these bags under the tree you will do a happy dance for sure. These bags are so versatile and you’ll find you will carry it even without a camera inside. 

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    Great list! I want a lens this year, but I’m thinking one of those camera bags would be nice to put it in and I already got my nifty fifty. Oh, I’m so glad you did this. 😉 

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      Karen there’s no reason you can’t get a bag and a lens 🙂 If you are looking for a good walk around lens (18-200) that’s a little easier on the budget you might want to look at a Sigma. They have great quality products and are a fraction of the cost of Canon/Nikon lenses. 

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