Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Your Dog


I love my dog. So much so that every year at Christmas I’m tempted by the cute costumes and fancy dishes and end up spending scads of money on Santa suits and Reindeer antlers. The reality though is she really doesn’t care about any of that. So this year I asked my friends at Bark Busters to tell me what my dogs would really ask Santa for. They gave me the top ten gifts that dogs really need at Christmas. So before you rush out to get the candy cane chew toy, think about these great gifts.

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10. Interactive toys – Brain-teasing toys will keep your dog’s mind working and can be a more interesting way for your dog to eat as he has to ‘work’ for his meal. Check out the Kong products for amazing options that are safe and durable as well as fun.

9. Seat harness for the car – Your dog is a special member of your family, so why not provide the same level of safety that you would for yourself, your children and your passengers?

8. Gift certificate to the vet – keep your dog in maximum health with a visit for an exam, vaccinations, nutrition information, natural shampoos and ear cleaners, or parasite prevention. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

7. Orthopedic bed – a comfortable sleeping spot is important for any dog, young or old. A trampoline-style for older dogs is most comforting as it keeps their joints off of the ground and a real sheepskin mat provides natural warmth and dryness.

6. Raw Food – A big, raw meaty bone will keep your dog happy for hours. Investigate other great raw foods to provide variety to your dog as well as feed him as nature intended.

5. Treasure Hunt – Give your dog a fun and challenging meal…scatter her food all over the place and allow her to ‘hunt’ for it.

4. Exercise – for your health as well as your dogs. Whether it is a walk, cross-country skiing, agility class, or sticks thrown in the lake, get outside and be active with your dog.

3. Den – Give your dog a safe and cozy den to call her own. A kennel that feels secure and quiet will help her relax and be free of stress or disruptions.

2. Quality food – Help your dog feel well and think and learn effectively; feed him a food that will nourish his system. A grain-free dry food is a good choice to ensure his dietary needs are being met. A good option is Orijen, available at your local pet store.

1. Training – For maximum enjoyment of your dog, learn how to communicate and teach him exactly what you want from him. Bark Busters Dog Training provides ongoing support for both you and your dog. Have a stress-free holiday knowing your dog will be on his best behaviour!

Thanks to Barb, Director of Training at Bark Busters Canada for sharing this with Life in Pleasantville readers.

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