The Best Caribbean Islands for Families

Looking for the best Caribbean Islands for Families? It’s helpful when you’re planning a family holiday and searching through all the best Caribbean cruise deals to have an idea about where it is precisely you want to go.

There are fabulous places to stay in the Caribbean. Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua are all good bets. And cruises are a fantastic way to go, because the operators have so much experience providing childcare and catering for everyone’s needs. They also arrange everything when you want to take trips to the shore – from beach transfers to water park trips, dolphin and whale watching, city tours and adventure trips.

Cruise to Barbados and you can have all the cool stuff you get on board – the kids clubs and kids teas, pool, spa and the rest, as well as enjoying an incredible choice of excursions when you get to shore. There are 4×4 adventures which run off road and take in the lush green scenery of the Fisherpond Sugarcane Estate before driving along the gorgeous coastline. Or you can board a catamaran to swim amongst the turtles and tropical fish and snorkel over the top of a shipwreck. It’s also possible to go on a luxury sunset cruise enjoying an open bar and seafood canapés or just chill out on the beach.

best Caribbean islands for families

In St Lucia, travel up through the rainforest in a vestibule for spectacular aerial views – as it goes into and over the trees. After you’ve been up to touch the sky, you can enjoy a half an hour walk back on the ground. There are also opportunities to go on hikes in the rainforest, for the particularly active. Another aerial adventure you might enjoy in St. Lucia is a helicopter tour. The flights are about 20 minutes long and briefly fly over the interior with its volcanic springs. It’s possible to enjoy a dip in some of those hot springs of course, at the bottom of the Sulphur Springs Park.

best Caribbean islands for families


If your children are a little older, there’s a great zip wire adventure in the rainforest. Zip from platform to platform enjoying the truly exhilarating experience of being amongst the trees.

In Antigua, swim and snorkel with stingrays or go out on a kayaking and snorkelling trip. Pass mangroves and enjoy the marine life and birds soaring overhead before stopping off at Great Bird Island for a short walk.

best Caribbean islands for families


Why not go on a helicopter excursion to neighbouring Montserrat, where no overland vehicles are permitted. The helicopter will fly over the Soufrière Hills Volcano which rises above the Tar River Gorge and Delta. The volcano is active, and the last time it erupted it destroyed the villages and airport around it. When you fly over the island you’ll be able to see the ruins of what was there, buried underneath the hardened lava. Alternatively, you might want to just take it easy and explore Nelson’s Dockyard. Its lovely buildings, after decades of abandonment, have been transformed into shops, restaurants, places to stay and a nautical museum. The dockyard is Antigua’s most visited site.


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    I love cruising and I think it’s one of the best ways to travel with young children because everything is taken care of on the ship.

    Love the Caribbean as well as part of my family is from there. Haven’t been to Barbados, Antigua or St Lucia but would love to one day with my children.

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