Tangerine Green Tea

I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds. Actually, if we’re going to get technical, I’m trying to lose seven pounds. Seven stinkin’ pounds that grew on my body after forty. Prior to that I never worried about my weight. Ever. Damn forties.

Obviously I’m doing all the things you’re supposed to do when trying to re-capture your youth. Eating healthy, exercising, getting lots of rest…….zzzzzzzzz……sorry, where was I? Oh right, boring myself to death. The point of this whole post is to share this green tea recipe I found on Dr. Oz’s site with you, because it’s yummy!

tangerine green tea steeping

Dr. Oz calls it Weightorade. Cute. I like to call it Tangerine Green Tea because I feel foolish offering Weightorade to guests. Not going to lie either, my children hate this, and yours likely will too because there’s nothing sweet about it. I find it incredibly refreshing though and according to Dr. Oz, green tea boosts your metabolism by 12% after only one cup. Using my math that means if I drink 8 cups a day — which I’ve been doing — I’m boosting my metabolism to 96% or roughly the same as a 8 year old child jacked up on cotton candy. Nice.

In the end, I doubt this is going to melt the seven pounds of fat but I do enjoy drinking it and all that green tea is good for so many other things.

tangerine green tea in pitcher

Tangerine Green Tea

8 cups boiled water
4 green tea bags
1 tangerine sliced thinly
Handful of fresh mint leaves

Pour boiling water over green tea and let steep. I let it steep for a long time, to release all that healthy stuff that’s inside. What? I’m not a scientist. When tea has cooled slightly transfer to pitcher with tangerine slices and mint leaves. Refrigerate until ice cold.

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  1. says

    Love me some green tea! My experience has been that steeping for too long makes the brew rather bitter. I wonder if that’s because I use loose leaf? Research & experience has taught me to brew 1-2 minutes. As with most things, YMMV

    • Candace says

      I normally find that too Steve and I do wonder if it’s a loose vs. bagged thing. I know that for this recipe if I leave the tea bags steep a while it doesn’t make it bitter at all. Maybe the mint and tangerine offset that?

      • Marie says

        Yes! Both the steeping time and temperature will make green tea bitter. Go for a water between 160 and 175 degrees and don’t let it steep for more than 2-3 minutes. The antioxidants and the EGCG will already have been released. 

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