Ste. Anne’s Spa – Ontario’s Best Destination Spa

Just minutes from Canada’s busiest highway, sits an historic castle reminiscent of what one might find in the English countryside. Overlooking rolling hills and meadows, on a clear day, you can see the sun dancing on the surface of Lake Ontario out on the horizon. Your mind plays tricks with you; you know you are only a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of modern life but yet you feel a million miles away. That is the beauty of Ste. Anne’s Spa.

Ste. Anne's spa, 500 acres of serenity now, Desintation Spa, Canada, Ontario

Walking through the arched gateway at Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario is like walking through a portal into another dimension. Think Outlander dimension, not Star Trek.  While there may not be a sexy Scot in a kilt waiting for you on the other side, there is something far, far better; your peace of mind.

Consistently named one of Canada’s top destination spas by guests and reviewers alike, Ste. Anne’s offers its patrons a 360 wellness experience. From the moment you arrive, you can feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.

Ste. Anne's Spa, One of Canada's top Destination spas

Aside from offering world-class spa treatments like Aroma Stone Massage and Eucalyptus Body Wraps, Ste. Anne’s also offers daily yoga, meditation and stretching classes. The yoga studio with its floor to ceiling windows overlooking the herb garden on one side and the impeccable grounds on the other is one of the most serene places you’ll ever visit.

Ste. Anne's Spa, Yoga Studio with floor to ceiling windows overlooking impeccable grounds, Canada, Ontario, Top Destination Spa

Far from the madding crowd and devoid of skyscrapers, guests can revel in a truly natural experience at Ste. Anne’s. Nearly 500 acres are meticulously maintained and are perfect for long strolls or bike rides along its outdoor trails. An aquifer that runs under the property fills outdoor hydrotherapy pools with healing waters that run year round. Seasonally, these same waters fill the outdoor swimming pool.

Guests can choose to visit for a day if a busy schedule precludes them from staying longer, but if you can stay overnight, I highly recommend it. It’s a complete mind/body reset.

Ste. Anne's Spa, luxury accommodations, destination spa

There are 28 cottages and guest rooms spread out over the property at Ste. Anne’s Spa. Accommodations, as you would expect, fit the mood of the spa with thick, thirsty towels, luxurious bed linens, and enough pillows for even the pickiest sleeper. You may choose to drive your own vehicle from cottage to spa or take advantage of the spa vehicle to transport you back and forth.

The cuisine at Ste. Anne’s is unique to the experience as well. You won’t find sparse plates with low calories counts here, but rather something akin to what your old school grandmother might have served you—a well balanced, delicious meal. Chefs here focus on using only the freshest ingredients and present them to you slowly at your table so you can linger over a meal. You’ll leave the table neither stuffed nor starving, but completely satisfied and feeling good about what you just ate. There are four meal times available; breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner.

Ste. Anne's Spa, Grafton Ontario, Destination Spa, Canada

I recently started a personal journey of embracing self-care as a way of life. One of the inspirations for this was my recent visit to Ste. Anne’s. My brief stay was exactly what I needed to get my body and spirit to take a step back from the pressures of everyday life. It allowed me the time to think about where I want my focus to be. You simply can’t put a price on that kind of experience.

Three things you should know before visiting Ste. Anne’s Spa

Bring Your Own Wine

Ste. Anne’s is not licensed and therefore does not sell alcohol on the premises. You, however, are welcome to bring your own for your room and you may also bring wine to your table for lunch and dinner.

Leave Your Fancy Clothes at Home

Most patrons spend their entire time at Ste. Anne’s Spa walking around in their spa robe. This includes time spent roaming the grounds and dining. While my uptight self simply couldn’t imagine dining in my bathrobe in public, I did love watching how relaxed everyone else was in theirs. Maybe next time, I’ll throw caution to the wind and join in.

Book Your Treatments Ahead of Time

While most people book at least one treatment when they book their room, you’ll find you want to take advantage of at least two while there. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of wiggle room since services book up fast. Best to book ahead of time so you don’t miss out on the incredible spa services offered.

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  1. says

    Ste Anne’s is a favourite destination of mine. I’ve been with girlfriends and on my own to finish writing big projects. Pretty, quiet and the food is always amazing. I’ve never been disappointed with the spa staff or the treatments. My go-to is usually the Minerva, but I’d love to try the skin nourishment body therapy session. Sounds divine!

  2. says

    I have always wanted to visit Ste. Anne’s and would love to try one of their seasonal treatments – especially the citrus sun treatment 🙂

  3. nancy2880 says

    I really need to find reasons to get away from my desk. It’s always “I’ll just finish this” and then another and another. Sitting all day is killing me. Truly. So I’m going to set an alarm to regularly get me to take a break and take a walk.

  4. lbosworth says

    I have never been to St. Anne’s Spa, but would love to go. I’m sure it’s extremely rejuvenating!

  5. Nancy T says

    I’ve always wanted to go to St. Anne’s Spa but the hubs won’t – but if I won 😉 he wouldn’t have a choice! LOL!
    For us it would be a Couple’s Swedish Massage. Hubby has NEVER had a massage.

  6. Kelly says

    I’ve been dying to visit St. Anne’s Spa, it looks incredible! I’ve tried a few spas across the GTA and St. Anne’s has always been that “dream” spa that seems so impossibly gorgeous. I love hot stone massages, so I would definitely go for the Aroma Stone Massage, or maybe one of the body scrubs!

  7. jennifer says

    The moor mud wrap is right up there and so is the scalp massage. 30 minutes of heaven. I haven’t been to the spa in ages and it’s time to go back and get into that spa state of mind.

  8. paula says

    I haven’t been but my sister-in-law has been to Ste. Anne’s several times and absolutely loves it! Oh, to Relax and Rejuvenate…..

  9. says

    I love St. Anne’s spa. It is so beautiful and relaxing. While I have only been there once I have been dreaming of returning. The hot stone massage was my favourite service and definitely one I need to try again. I had a great day there with my mom once. We really bonded and relaxed over tea and massages. St. Anne’s is a must try.

  10. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I love going to the spa, it’s so relaxing. I would love to try the Nourishing Seaweed Body Wrap.

  11. dorcontest says

    Ohhh, I would love to try the Deep Tissue Massage. Wow, this place sounds fabulous.

  12. Lindsay T says

    Essential oils scalp rejuvenation sounds heavenly!! I’ve only heard amazing things about Ste Anne’s.

  13. Deborah H says

    I would love to try any type of massage because I have never had a professional one and I bet a nice body polish would feel great!

  14. Tara Willoughby says

    I would really like to win to treat myself, Ste Anne’s Spa has been on my list for years, but theres always been a reason why i cant make it happen. For myself id love to try a hydrotherapy treatment and an Integrated Lymphatic Drainage to clear my body out from the inside. Oh and just a quiet time away with good food and good company would be devine, I’ll bring the wine!

  15. Terri Baker says

    I would love the Coconut Breeze! The benefits are amazing: • Cleanses, purifies and renews the spirit
    & the mind
    • Rejuvenates the skin, protects it
    from infection, and reduces body odour
    due to a presence of a large amount of Vitamin C and flavanoids

  16. Jen (CoffeeMomJen) says

    I’ve always wanted to stay at St. Anne’s spa. If I went, I’d love to try one of their spa bundles…especially the Relax and Rejuvenate one!

  17. Shelley N says

    I have had massages (which I love) but I would like to try an Aroma Stone Massage. I have heard they are great and it is something I have never tried.

  18. Natalie Waldorf says

    I have been told by friends, lucky enough to have been there, that you can stay in your robe the entire time! #soundslikeheaven #bliss

  19. Linda D says

    I have always wanted to visit Ste. Anne’s Spa! So many great treatments it is hard to choose, but if I have to choose It will be the CONTOURING MUD STONE WRAP.

  20. Amy T says

    couples swedish massage! We both work- A LOT! At first when I saw this giveaway, I thought, this would be great to bring my daughter to- but when I sawe this “Couples massge” it occured to me, that a spa is a spot I could bring and enjoy time with my husband- the kids get all the good stuff anyways!

  21. says

    I would love to try the COCONUT BREEZE! Just the thought of being surround with all that fragrance for an hour while relaxint…ahhhhhhh….plus I need to be exfoliated 😉

  22. Lauren Raymer says

    Honestly, I’d love to try any of these treatments with my mother! Mani, signature facial… We would do anything if it meant two days of relaxation.. especially with this last year!

  23. dorcontest says

    Not sure if I leave the comment here. To take better care of myself, I walk 40 minutes a day, med to fast pace….. always fit in a walk with my husband…. and just talk. One a week, I connect with our sons. Give them my love….. 🙂

  24. Kevin Joseph says

    I haven’t had a vacation in a year and a half. Would love to take my boyfriend for a quick relaxing getaway.

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