How To Plan The Perfect Retreat at Ste. Anne’s Spa (It’s Easy)

I was recently invited on a retreat to Ste. Anne’s Spa with my #FamilyTravelCa colleagues and I couldn’t help but mull over which definition of retreat best defined my escape. Was I looking for refuge or escaping the enemy? As it turns out, it was both.

While I love my home, like many people today, it’s also my place of employment—and like any place of employment, sometimes I just have to GET OUT OF THERE, so seeking refuge was definitely high on my list.

As an entrepreneur, I have no set hours for work and no routine in my life. The only thing routine about it is that I can rely on nothing to ever be the same. I’m okay with it mostly. It comes with the territory of having various work contracts and not one single employer that I answer to.  The enemy here is within. It’s the voice that doesn’t allow me to rest. The one that whispers continually “Gotta make hay while the sun is shining.” That voice is why a retreat was not only needed but absolutely mandatory. That “voice” had to be on a time-out.

If you find that you too need an escape AND a piece of paradise then it’s time to book a retreat of your own. There’s no better place than Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario. I’ve written about it over here and I hope you’ll pop over and read more about it. I’m going to share how to get the most of your Ste. Anne’s Retreat in this post.

How to Plan The Perfect Retreat at Ste. Anne’s Spa

Take Someone Who will Fill Your Heart or Your Head

I’ve visited Ste. Annes twice now—once with a best friend and once with a group of my peers. Once I left with a full heart and great memories, and the other time I left inspired. Both times I left recharged and ready to conquer the world. Choose company that makes your life better.

Book Your Spa Services in Advance

Take the time to review all the amazing services that Ste. Anne’s offers online and book your services before you go. I can’t say enough good things about the Sychronized Tuning or the Aroma Stone Massage. Your body will feel as light as a feather when you’re done.

how to plan the perfect retreat

Live in Your Robe

Let go of pretensions like putting on pants in the morning. Who likes pants anyway? Ste. Anne’s encourages guests to stay in their fluffy, white robes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Book The Private Chef

The dining at Ste. Anne’s is a foodie’s paradise. Much of the food is sourced from the farm that has an extensive herb and vegetable garden, as well as livestock. Ste. Anne’s also has a gluten-free bakery which will leave you scratching your head as to why we bake with flour at all. For the ULTIMATE experience though, book your own private chef at your cottage.

Live in the Moment

Leave your phone in your room and truly enjoy your spa services free of daily stresses. If this isn’t a work retreat, go so far as to leave it and your laptop at home. Keep your head firmly planted in the present and don’t let yourself get caught up in your to-do list.

The Farmhouse is the Ultimate Professional Retreat

The Farmhouse at Ste. Anne’s is the perfect place to host your next professional retreat. Located near the main inn for treatments, it has five charming bedrooms and can sleep up to 11? The country kitchen has a large harvest table perfect for group brainstorming sessions and private chefs (see above). The Farmhouse, like all the cottages and rooms at Ste. Anne’s have high-speed wi-fi connectivity so you can work from anywhere.

How to Plan the Perfect Retreat

Since it’s the holidays, I’m thrilled to be offering a  two day escape to Ste. Anne’s Spa. This package includes the following:

1 Night Midweek stay for 2 in a standard spa cottage at Canada’s top spa:
Ste. Anne's Spa, One of Canada's top Destination spas
Overnight accommodation for 2 people (Monday – Thursday) in a standard spa cottage.
2 breakfasts
2 3-course lunches
2 afternoon teas
2 4-course dinners
$240 in spa allowance
Full Use of the facilities


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  1. says

    I have never been to a spa but think it would be lovely to stay in a beautiful place and just get pampered. I would take hubby with me so we could have some quality time together.

  2. Renee says

    I would take my husband. He’s never been to a spa and after taking amazing care of me and my kids while I was sick he deserves to be pampered!

  3. Erin McSweeney says

    i would take my sister its her 40 birthday this year…and it would be a great sister getaway for both of us which we could use

  4. Ashley Levesque says

    I need a getaway because I work hard and I’ve never been able to just get away and relax. I would have to take my other half. He deserves it

  5. Jenna D says

    I would love to take a friend for my first whole day/night away since I had my daughter, who’s three now. It’d be such a treat to have a day off 😉

  6. Angela M says

    It has been a long few months. I had to pull my youngest daughter out of school because she is no longer able to sit in her wheelchair. She needs back surgery for her severe scoliosis. My mother recently fell ill and passed away a week and half ago. It has been a very stressful time trying to be a caregiver for both and I need a break to recharge and reflect. I would love to take my oldest daughter while she is on a break from University. It would be so nice to get away.

  7. Shelley Nelson says

    We have just moved due to my husband’s job change. My husband and son moved to the new location and I stayed back prepping the house for sale, working my job during the week, travelling each weekend to see them, then packing up the house contents once it sold and now I am looking for work at the new location and unpacking here. I could use some time one of my girlfriends

  8. Kris Wilson says

    I can use a retreat as I’m the sole support parent to a very active toddler and I feel tired all the time. I’d bring either my closest friend who has cancer or my niece who had a double lung transplant last year, both deserving of a little pampering. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Shane Smith says

    funny at our year end dinner yesterday someone was just raving about ste annes spa!
    I’d love to take my wife. We both work very hard and she suffers anxiety as well so i’d love to be able to relax and reset. thank you very much!

  10. says

    I need a break from the routine my life has become lately! I would take my husband but I have a feeling he wouldn’t enjoy it so instead I’d take a friend!

  11. JoAnne Hudy says

    I need a retreat because it’s been a REAL tough five years, and I would share it with my best friend, who just happens to be my hubby.

  12. my villa says

    I’m so burnt out. my equilibrium is off, trying to get it together. I would bring my cousin as she’s been helping me alot with my parents

  13. says

    I need a retreat because it would be nice to have a break from everyday duties and just unplug and enjoy the countryside. I would take my husband with me because we hardly ever get to spend time alone together these days.

  14. Anna hutchison says

    Thanks for the reminder about st Anne’s! I haven’t been in years, it is fantastic! I’d go with my partner or a girlfriend!n

  15. Chandra Christine O'Connor says

    I need a retreat because I’m recently unexpectedly separated from my husband and it’s very stressful starting over. I would take my sister who has really helped me these last 4 mths, plus I live in Grafton and I would love to experience the spa before I move away.

  16. Nicole says

    I would take my husband. We’ve had a crazy, stressful year and could really use some alone time to relax and reconnect. Thanks for the chance!

  17. Wendy J says

    I would take my sister who’s having a tough time right now but is still keeping a positive attitude while I plan my wedding.

  18. Lauren Miller says

    I would love a getaway, we have two toddlers and my husband and I haven’t had a night to ourselves in years. This would be a dream come true!

  19. Janssen Adriano says

    I’ve not been to the spa, but sent my sister there, as well as my mom and two of my good friends. I’ve not heard anything but great things of their experiences. My dealing with the people on the spa chat line about their services, as well as speaking to their CSR’s on the phone have all been very helpful and great experiences as well.

  20. Rachel says

    Its my mom’s 60th birthday next month, so I would take her… quality time with my mom is the reason why I would need this retreat. Thanks for the contest!

  21. Lindsay T says

    I’d love a retreat with my husband. Both of our jobs have been very stressful lately & it would be nice to get away & relax together and Re-connect.

  22. Tania Carfa says

    I would LOVE a retreat with my husband. We have two young children (4 years, and 21 months), we both work full time and I also have an online business I run! Life is so busy and chaotic for us-we could use this!

  23. Anna Noelle says

    I need a retreat because it’s been a very long year for me. I would love to relax just for a teeny bit with my Mom. She deserves time away.

  24. Sherry says

    We have had quite a difficult year and my husband and I could use a quiet spa getaway. He has never even been to a spa 🙂

  25. Robertha W. says

    I definitely agree with Candace to unplug and refresh at Ste Anne Spa. I am a foster parent of several children and after giving of myself to children who need a home and nurturing, I need to rejuvenate. I would take my daughter as she has been very helpful with the foster children.

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