6 Gifts For The Foodie

With everyone and their barber claiming foodie status, it’s clear that a special holiday shopping list is necessary. Oh sure, there are glamorous home coffee makers available that replace baristas – minus the studied hipster cool – but not every shopper can afford the cash equivalent of half a Mini Cooper. How to impress and please the foodie? We’ve got you covered.

As an amateur foodie – which means that I haven’t figured out a way to get paid to eat yet – I can vouch for the success you’ll have with this list. I’m looking at you, Dear Santa.

Market Basket

While most of Canada is heading towards the deep winter freeze and outdoor markets are on hold until the spring, those warm days will return. They will return, right? A hand woven basket is unique and strong enough to cart home all the market goodies. Buying directly from the artisans is a nice way to ensure the purchase supports the communities where the baskets are made. Prices range from $30-$90.

African market basket

gifts for the foodie


Le Creuset French Oven

Chances are that if your foodie doesn’t already own something from Le Creuset, they’re coveting it. And since coveting is a mortal sin you’ll be doing everyone a favour if you put one of the enameled cast iron covered ovens under the tree. Le Creuset products are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Be warned, they weigh a ton. Prices start at $175.

Le Creuset oval French oven in flame

gifts for the foodie

Pottery Mixing Bowls

Handcrafted gifts will always curry favour from your foodie. If there’s a potter close by, you’re in luck. If not, try Etsy where you’ll find a large selection of original mixing bowls. It’s a practical gift disguised as art. Prices vary by vendor.

Batter bowl

gifts for the foodie


Peugot Coffee Grinder & Locally Roasted Coffee

It’s not sugarplums dancing through the foodie’s head, but grinders that’ll deliver a perfect coffee every time. The Peugot is the Bentley of grinders and the vintage design makes it a decorative addition to the kitchen. Pair it with a great locally roasted coffee. Prices for the grinders range from $110-$150.

Peugot Nostalgie manual coffee grinder and Muskoka Roastery coffee

gifts for the foodie




Muskoka Roastery, coffee, Muskoka, local, coffee beans


Cook With A Chef – An Experience

Having a well-stocked kitchen might be a foodie’s happy place, but learning with a master is a dream. Samba Days offers experience gifts and an in-home cooking lesson is perfect for the person who already has all the gadgets. The chef consults on the meal, does all the shopping, and then teaches how to prepare the meal and does all the clean up. Sign me up! In-home cooking lesson $224.

Samba Days in-home cooking

Samba Days, chef, cooking, cooking class, in-home cooking, experience

Passes To Food Tasting Fairs Or Craft Breweries

There’s nothing a foodie likes to do more than eat and drink. Not in a gluttonous way (usually), but in a way that allows them to discover local talent and new dishes. The rise of culinary tourism across the country, as well as an appreciation for craft breweries, vineyards and distilleries means that regardless of where you live, you can offer an experience they’ll savour. Check out local listings for upcoming events and prices.

Savour Food & Wine, Halifax

TO Food Fest

Great Canadian Cheese Festival

British Columbia Beer Festival

Great Canadian Cheese Festival, cheese, food fair, food tasting, gift ideas, Christmas shopping, holidays


Now that the heavy lifting is done for this year’s shopping you can sit back with a book and a basket of fresh baked croissant. Just kidding. Get up! It’s the holidays, not a spa vacation.

gifts for the foodie

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