Bunny Bait – Make this for Easter

So a few days ago I kept coming across this picture on Pinterest, called Bunny Bait. “Cute”, I thought. After searching through a few recipes I finally settled on this one. AND.OH.MY.GOD. This isn’t Bunny Bait, it’s crack! No kidding, as I was scarfing handfuls of it in my mouth, I turned to my husband and said, “This should be classified as an illegal substance. I would pimp you out for this stuff”. It is that good.

Perhaps it’s just me but I have something for salt and sweet together, and this fits the bill nicely. So, there is no doubt, you’ll catch a bunny with this bait, but that’s if you don’t eat it all first.

Bunny Bait

1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels
12 oz. white chocolate candy melts (available at Bulk Barn)
1 1/3 cups pretzel sticks
1 12 oz. bag pastel coloured M&M’s
Easter Coloured Sprinkles


Make popcorn…..the easy, healthy way. Pour into a large bowl, removing any unpopped kernels. Toss in pretzel and M&M’s. Melt white chocolate in microwave in microwave safe bowl on high in 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval until melted and smooth. Drizzle half of melted white chocolate over popcorn mixture, then stir, tossing gently a few times with rubber spatula. Then drizzle remaining half of melted white chocolate over popcorn, and gently stir until evenly coated. Do not overstir. Pour mixture into a single layer onto to wax paper. Sprinkle with Easter sprinkles before chocolate hardens. Allow to cool and harden, then gently break into pieces and lock yourself in a room and enjoy. I kid. Store it in a airtight container or fill cello bags and tie with pretty ribbon to give away.

This would also be great for birthday parties as a party favour.

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  1. Cindy W says

    I don’t think I should make this as it wouldn’t make it to the giving away stage. Crack indeed.

  2. Leslie says

    I wish you didn’t share these sinful recipes.  I feel compelled to try it, but I know that I’ll “sample” until there is very little left for anyone else!

  3. Paula Schuck says

    Wah. I cannot do the popcorn bits myself because it screws my stomach up in a not so pretty way. My kids would so sneak all of this and then also be sick. Wah! Maybe I shall make it for
    Friends kids and give it away. It is too pretty to resist. Bloody Pinterest strikes again. Did you see Jon BonJovi over there tonight? Holy every bit as nummers as this recipe! 


  4. AlwaysARedhead says

    The children and my husband learned long ago that if they do not hide their stash from me, I will harvest it. I am a bad mom with a chocolate addiction.

    • Candace says

      I have a secret stash that I try to keep hidden from the three other chocolate addicts in this house 🙂

    • Candace says

      You can find them at Michael’s but they can be expensive. I get mine at a party place here in Ottawa. Also Wal-Mart has some cute bunny shaped ones I bought yesterday.

    • Candace Derickx says

      Honestly, my kids look for excuses to make this. Leprechaun bait, Canadian bait, turkey bait….you name the occasion they’ve found a name and a reason to make it. Warning, it’s highly addictive.

  5. says

    And here I thought reading your tweet this was going to have something to do with potato chips! But salty and sweet always works for me! YUM!

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