Top 10 Christmas Gifts for The Fashionista



By Consuelo & Natasha Bernardi

‘Tis the time of the year where we put together our ultimate Christmas lists filled with dreams of all things beauty and fashion. Now if money was no object, finds from Fifth Avenue in NYC  would be on our must have gift suggestions but since we don’t live on the Kardashian’s income we’ve scaled back the price tags and found affordable but super fashionable quality finds. And this way you can ask Santa for more than one (maybe three) and not feel guilty about it!

Connie’s Top Ten

Stella & Dot Femme Fatale Necklace
This necklace speaks to the rock star girl that exists in all of us – adds instant ‘edge’ to any outfit you’re wearing.

Gap 1969 velvet skinny jeans
I love my skinny jeans – they instantly lengthen my legs and the fit is always perfect for my under 5’2 frame. Plus the fact that they come in velvet makes it’s perfect for any holiday event!

H&M Lace Dress
I blame Adele for my lace dress obsession. It’s a must have to any wardrobe. It’s elegant, sexy and timeless.

H&M Dress – Chiffon with sparkle details
Every woman needs a LBD in her wardrobe. Actually a woman can never have enough black dresses. Yes I just made that rule up. And the sparkle details on this dress – well that just screams ‘holiday season’.

Big Buddha ‘Chiba’ Clutch
I’m always searching for a clutch for going out to dinners or events, and this one with its stud details is all about my inner rock star girl.

Aldo Fronime Red Platform Pumps
I squeeed a little when I found out that Aldo now carries half sizes so there is no excuse not to have a pair of smokin’ hot red pumps in your wardrobe. It’s an instant pick-me-up to any outfit

Zara sweater with teardrop opening in back
I love sweaters and this one isn’t overly baggy and can be dressed up or dressed down and I love the teardrop opening detail at the back.

CK Shock (for him and her)
This perfume is available everywhere. I’ve been wearing since last January and I love it. It reminds me of a fruity cotton candy. How can you go wrong with cotton candy – I mean really?

Philosophy The Care Package Set
I love the Philosophy line – it’s the perfect complexion boosting skincare set for all skin types.

Sephora Collector’s Edition Premium Brush Set
I have this brush set and use it religiously.

Natasha’s Top Ten

QUO Make-up Brushes

I love these brushes – they are affordable, work beautifully and don’t shed! I have the Eye Smudger Brush, Liner/Brow Brush and Crease Blender Brush.

GAP Leather Ballet Flats

I really need to get a pair of these – I’m sure my feet will thank me. These leather ballet flats from GAP come in 7 colors ranging from sizes 6-11.

ALDO Wiegel Tall Boot

I am so happy that ALDO now carries half sizes. You should have at least one pair of boots in your closet to wear with skirts or skinny jeans.

American Eagle Outfitters Jegging

My soft rinse indigo, super stretch jeggings are so comfortable and the fit is fantastic – I love them! You can wear them with a sweater and boots or dress them up with heels and a blazer. You can even wear them with flats.

ZARA Little Black Dress

Every woman needs at least one little black dress (LBD) in her closet. You can wear it 100 different ways – it’s so versatile. The faux leather appliqués on this LBD give it a funky edge.

Arbonne Makeup Primer
We reviewed this product on our blog – it feels like silk. I love it! It is hands down the best primer I have ever purchased. I don’t use it every day but I do use it when I go out at night and special occasions.

Dolce & Gabbana Perfume

All men and women should have a signature scent – who doesn’t like to smell good? This is probably the best thing to have on your Christmas list. I have been wearing this scent since junior high school. Tip: I find that the smell of a perfume will change with the oils on your skin. So when you are shopping for a perfume don’t go by what it smells like on the test paper – spray some on your wrist, wait until it dries and then go by that.

Victoria’s Secret Mix and Match bikinis
This is brilliant! Victoria’s Secret has every bikini top and bottom you can imagine – in different colours and prints. The sizing chart is also very useful. This is the perfect thing to have on your Christmas list, especially if you are planning a trip down south (just make sure you tell your significant other your size ahead of time!).

Moroccan Oil
I cannot live without my hair oil – it is a miracle hair product for curly hair. You don’t have to use a lot – so one bottle will last you for quite a while. I love the scent too – it reminds me of Cuba. They also a travel size now – so now you can bring it with you everywhere! It would make a fabulous stocking stuffer. Available at Texture Hair Salon 613-241-8977

Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss

This is the first lip gloss that I ever tried that wasn’t tacky and sticky. It comes in five fabulous colours and smells nice too!

Integrity: Shimmering Golden Rose
Vibe: Fresh Warm Peach
Innocent: Soft Baby Pink
Truth: Sheer True Pink
Freedom: True Strawberry Red


We’re two sisters.

Consuelo and Natasha.

The number one beauty lesson we have had engrained into our brains growing up, by our mother, is that you should always make the effort to look good (hair, clothing and make up).

Granted we’ve had our heinous moments in fashion…the 80s in general, bad hairstyles and lipstick colour choices. But you live and learn from your mistakes and fashion and beauty is all about trying this out…until you find your own signature look and being comfortable in your own skin.

Together, we blog about all things fashion, style, hair, beauty and celebrities…things that we love and the things that make us wonder why it ever made it to the sales rack to begin with.

As kids we loved playing dress up and I guess we never grew out of that and that’s how we came to create this blog.

Oh and we may make a weekly mention of hot guys. Cause you know it makes the week go by faster.

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