Ten Posts March 10, 2013

Ten posts from the last week I think are worth your time.

This actually makes me feel physically ill. It is a disheartening look at the distribution of wealth in America and I can only surmise that we can’t be far behind in Canada.

Facebook is a funny place, especially since most of the time we’re putting our very best story forward. This post, about why we need to stop lying there, cracked me up.

What’s the expression? Necessity is the mother of invention? I think this is a perfect example.

When I watched Food Inc. I didn’t want to eat for a month. The documentary A Place At the Table may have the same effect but for different reasons. Required viewing over March Break.

For one of the best reviews of Disney EVER, you must check out The Cocktail’s Deeva’s take over here.

Just once I would like to end up with the Maven of Mayhem beside me at the Costco chicken counter. Just once.

Kat at Jack Straw Lane feels about Commander Chris Hadfield the same way I feel about Malcolm Gladwell. Smart guys are hot.

One of my favourite visitors to this site is Arnebya from What Now And Why. I happen to stalk her site regularly and I loved this post about the “why’s” she’s asked herself lately.

OMG, the tears of laughter. Seriously, kids are awesome and Lisa from Forever in Mom Genes reminds me why they are so damn funny in this post.

Finally, if you’re heading out of town on a cruise this week, you’ll love this post on what to pack from Wanderplex.

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    I have no idea how I ever missed that Maven post about the Costco chicken … gawd, I love her! So damn funny. I want to be near her next time there’s some boring line-up! Thanks for the links 🙂

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