Ten Blogs February 10, 2013

by Candace Derickx

I have partially written top tens going back a few weeks now. I’ve been unable to complete them because I’ve been strapped for time. Stupid time. Anyway, I’ve amalgamated them here to give you top ten reads for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This winter sucketh. I like water not snow, so I’ve found myself drifting to this link and getting lost.

I loved this toy catalog that breaks through gender stereotypes and just lets kids be kids.

On the other hand, while I totally think kids shouldn’t be restricted to what they play with based on if it’s a “boy” toy or “girl” toy, there’s also no denying that girls and boys are different. As Kat from Jack Straw Lane asks, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Of all the bloggers I know, nobody inspires or touches my heart or makes me laugh quite like Lisa from Forever In Mom Genes. This post she wrote about her daughter Avery is amazing.

Speaking of children, I struggle daily with what to write about my children. How much to share, if at all. What will embarrass them? What won’t? So in the end I leave most of the material gathering cobwebs in my brain. I’m beginning to rethink that after I read Ali Martell’s recent post Why I Write About My Children. Yes, I think I will start to share more, if only that my children have a record of their youth.

I love this post from Sharon at Yummy Mummy Club who picked her top 10 favourite recipes from YMC. I’m very hungry now.

I love this post from Reena at Wanderplex on how to avoid vacation stress.

I’m jealous of wordsmiths. People that can say so much with so little. That can make me feel the emotion they are feeling. Lousie from Late Night Plays is one of those people.

I wrote a post last week at Yummy Mummy Club about my feelings on dining with family.

Finally, I’m fascinated by this documentary about organic food that the Culture-ist pointed out.

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