No Games with Hunger

My friend Annie, is a deep thinker. Like, so deep I’m at risk of drowning in her thoughts sometimes. Case in point; she created this very cool infographic called Hunger Equations. The thought of me creating an infographic makes my brain hurt. What doesn’t make my brain hurt is the very straight forward way she presents the facts in it. Bottom line: You help a lot more people with a donation of cold hard cash to your local food bank and you provide healthier choices. Now that’s SMART! You know what else is smart? Volunteering at your local food bank at least once a year with your kids. I had the pleasure of volunteering with Annie and her son last year. So not only is she smart, she has a heart of gold.

Hunger Equations — What Is The Best Way to Help Fight Hunger?

Infographic by Annie @ PhD in Parenting. The code for the Hunger Equations INFOGRAPHIC can be found at the PhD in Parenting Blog.

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