The Week that Was

What a week! First I’m thrilled that I’m one of the first to sign on with She Blogs Media . I love being part of something new and exciting. Look for some changes to my website soon-ish 😉

Next, I wrote about being a slightly hysterical mom in an oversexed society, and why my van stunk to high heaven over at Yummy Mummy Club.

Life in Pleasantville was pleasant this week. Go figure. The snow is kinda of getting me down but this song made it melt my head anyway. My 9 year old is crushing on her first boy band, which brought back memories of the Bay City Rollers for me and New Kids on the Block for others. My seven year old continues to be her wonderful, confident self and a company she loves really gets social media and left a comment for her on my blog.

My friend Annie from PhDInParenting asked me to share an infographic with you. Bottom line, donate money to the food bank. It goes further than the food you donate.

My friend Heather surprised me with kind words from afar and reminded us all to lighten up on ourselves a bit.

I wrote about a young man suspended for writing an open love letter to the girls at his school and it became my second most read blog ever and most commented on post. The most read blog has no comments. Really? I don’t even know how this blogging thing works sometimes.

I entered a contest for a chance to attend Eat, Write, Retreat and sadly I didn’t win, but you get one of my favorite steak recipes out of it! I also shared my recipes for butter chicken and homemade naan bread. Then after talking about it so much had to make it for myself again.

Finally, I’m running a cool contest over the weekend for a set of Marley Headphones, so go enter!

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What Makes You Beautiful

This isn’t really just the song of the day, it’s like, the song of the year, don’t you know? I mean, have you seen how totally cute these boys are?

*Sigh* Yes, my 9 year old has discovered her first boy band. Like their predecessors the Backstreet Boys, ‘NSync and mommy’s personal favorite, The Bay City Rollers, these boys have little girls swooning world wide. I get it, because I remember. I think it’s super sweet how she blushes when she sees them and how she can’t decide who’s the cutest. Is it Harry or wait, wait, no it’s Liam. OMG, but Niall is so cute too. It helps that I think this song is pretty sweet too.

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