Second Day of Christmas

Our elf Mervin, arrived from the North Pole last night. “Technically”, he should have arrived the night before, but Mervin is a tired elf, with a short term memory and too much on his plate. Last night, he remembered just as his feet were warming under the covers in bed that he better get his lazy-ass self to our house.

I love seeing Mervin arrive. He’s a mischievous little guy that wields a big stick. After all, he reports back to Santa nightly, and I need only throw him a look and a “Can you believe this Mervin?”, and suddenly whiny children are cleaning bedrooms and drying dishes. They even sing and whistle while they do it. It’s possible Mervin could be a Jedi.

There is one small problem, that I had hoped my youngest would outgrow from last year, and that is the exchange of mail. Ava likes to send Santa notes via Mervin daily. It’s so, so, friggin’ sweet, but also very annoying… Santa that is. Not me. I think it’s super cute. Santa, not so much.

Santa, like Mervin, is a busy guy. He’s also very tired with a short term memory, and if anybody has too much on his plate, it’s Santa. I mean really, toys for every boy and girl? It’s a big job. So Santa, tends to forget to write back sometimes and then there’s this broken-hearted little girl the next day and I can’t help but think “Santa, you’re an asshole”. So, I really hope Santa gets his act together this year.

First note of the season to Santa. Let's hope he remembers to write back this year.

Mervin, used to actually arrive late in November, but he would lose creativity and sometimes forget to change locations. It might be just our house, but you know the tooth fairy is sort of slouch around here too. Anyway, I digress. I am hoping Mervin remembers to be fun and shake it up a little this year. If your elf needs some help, you can find some inspiration here, here and here.

Only 22 days until Christmas!

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