My first guest in Pleasantville is Angie aka @angiebelievein. Angie is so, so pleasant and super calming too. After reading her blog today, I’m booking myself a Reiki appointment. You can find her blog at where she writes about the calmer side of life. Thanks for coming by Angie, loved having you here!

Angie’s Guest Post

You are thinking to yourself, what is that symbol? Read on to find out.

I have written a few articles for my own blog but when the opportunity to write a guest blog for Life in Pleasantville came up I jumped at the chance. For one, I love reading Candace’s blog myself and second I have never been a guest blogger before so this is something completely new for me and kinda exciting.

So then the next question was obviously, what do I write about?! A few thoughts popped into my head immediately like, being a mom to a 2 year old or talking about yoga which I have been studying for the past year to become a certified teacher or even about baby sign language which I teach, all of these are my passions but there is already lots of stuff out there about them.

And so I decided to write about….Reiki. I am not a writer and tend to just put things down as they come to my mind and speak from my heart so Reiki seemed like a perfect choice. Besides all of the above mentioned “occupations” I am also a Reiki practitioner. I find lots of joys in treating people and usually find it calming for myself as well.

The first question I usually get asked about Reiki is, what is it?! This one can be tough to answer sometimes but the short response is that it is a treatment where energy is passed to the client via the practitioner to help balance the client’s energy to allow the body to start to heal itself. That being said even people who have had a treatment find it hard to explain Reiki and they have experienced it.

Once I mention energy passing from me to the client the next question is usually, is it your energy I am taking? Or doesn’t it drain you to treat people? No, I am basically just a conduit for the energy to pass through to you. So if I am having a bad day you will not get any of my bad energy and vice versa, I don’t take on your energy either. This is also why I find giving treatments calming as well because my body will often take some of the energy passing through me as it needs it. The universe is full of energy so there is a lot to go around.

Once people have a general understanding of Reiki (or at least nod their heads like they do) they ask “Is it like massage?” The answer is no. There is no manipulation of the muscle and you stay fully clothed. Reiki is a light touch of hands placed on the body.

And of course people want to know what can Reiki treat? Well Reiki is a great complimentary treatment as well as a way for you to allow your body to do its thing. For example, if you love to get a massage, Reiki would be a great treatment to have before hand as it is very relaxing. They say that a one hour Reiki session is equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep (do all of you Mom’s out there hear that? A way to feel rested in only one hour). Another example is that whenever I feel a cold coming on I treat myself to a Reiki session and allow the energy to help my body do its thing. By balancing out my energies I usually avoid the cold all together.

So during this stressful holiday season and cold season, think about getting a Reiki treatment and see how it can help you feel more balanced. Or try standing on your head if you want to do some yoga!

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