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peter & kat

What can I say about Peter? He is a wonderful, lovely dog. He joined our family with Journey, and older female French Bulldog we had. Peter had strange issues about being left outside of stores or if either my husband or I went into a shop along our street while the other stayed with the dog. Outside of the house, he was and remains and embarrassment. He howls and pulls on his collar until he can barely breathe and we have had people looking on in disgust asking us what exactly we were doing to him or tell us we are hurting him (we are not). It’s embarrassing and difficult to multi-task with him . The noise also scares children, seniors and people unfamiliar with dogs.

We lost J about two months ago, and I can count on my fingers the number of times he hasn’t peed and pooed in the bathroom in the middle of the night. He barks every time someone knocks at the door or he hears a loud noise, which rattles our cats, who in turn attack him. If he hears any noises from our second floor after about 5am each morning, he starts howling, whimpering and barking. I have not slept past 630 since early January…and I’m pregnant…and my husband works the night shift 5 days a week.

We knew that Journey’s passing would be hard on Peter, but this has been awful for the poor thing. We need help!

And for reference – here’s Peter walking.

You can enter Canada’s Most Desperate Dog Owner until February 28th, 2013. Details here.

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