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Here’s what I want for my kids. I want them to go to school through high school, take a year or two post-secondary and then I want them to walk away from it all. I want them to shirk responsibility, toss their books aside and go sow their wild oats and such….only I don’t want details about the oat sowing of course. Why do I want this for my kids? There are three reasons:

  • I want them to go experience life somewhere other than where they grew up. Who knows? Maybe their true path lies on the other side of the earth (which would break their Mother’s heart into a million tiny pieces but I try to not think about that)
  • So that they don’t miss the opportunity to experience complete freedom. No class to take notes on, no job to be on time for, no schedule, no mortgage payments, no kids. That time in our lives is brief and it should be embraced.
  • Finally, I want them to embrace the humanity in all people, not just the ones they see in their own backyard.

In fact, I am currently trying to convince my 20 year old step-son to run, not walk to the nearest airport. So far, it’s falling on deaf ears and that’s why it was timely that Adam Shepard dropped me a line to tell me about his book One Year Lived.


Adam saved his money for two years and then took off to explore the world. Along the way he volunteered with children in Guatemala, went bungee jumping, ziplining and scuba diving, visited Auschwitz, read 71 books and fell in love. And this is what I want for my children. As Adam says “There’s only so much you can learn in the classroom. Sometimes you have to get out there to experience it, to touch it, to feel it, to see if for yourself. It’s fascinating the perspective we gain when we step out of our bubbles of comfort, even just a little bit.”

Indeed. There are lessons here for all of us, because you don’t have to take a year to travel. Take what you can and get out there.

I’m so excited to be able to offer readers of Life in Pleasantville a free copy of One Year Lived until Wednesday, April 25th. Simply click here and enter email: and password: 123456 and then download your book in one of three formats.

But before you go, tell me in the comments, will you push your kids out the door to go travel or encourage them to stay close to home?



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  1. AlwaysARedhead says

    My eldest took time off after grade 12 and participated in the Katimavik program, she loved it! We tried to get the other two to do the same, or at least take time off after high school and volunteer in some sort of program but they would have no part of it. I wish they had though, it is so beneficial to take some time and really figure out what you want to do in life. Thank you for offering the download.

  2. says

    I moved across the country to go to university, and now 5 years after graduating, I haven’t moved back, I’m married (although we did go to my home town to do that), and I’m here to stay. It did indeed break my momma’s heart. And I’m sure it’ll break even more once I give her grandkids that she’ll only be able to see a couple of times a year.
    But as much as I miss my family and my first home and feel guilty about leaving….I don’t regret it. I love my life here and my independence. I love what I’ve learned by choosing to move to a place where I knew no one and had no support system. I learned to rely on myself, and not other people. And that being alone is okay – better than okay…that it can be enjoyable. I hope my future kids can learn to be as independant as I am. Can’t wait to check out Adam’s book!

  3. says

    My oldest daughter spent nearly a year in Sayulita, Mexico. She just got back a couple of months ago. When she told me her plans, tears came to my eyes. I always wanted to do the same, but I had her at a very young age. I felt like she was going to live a dream of mine. Now that she’s back, it’s mom’s turn. I still have kids at home, but I don’t want to wait any longer. They’re coming with. Gotta get that travel bug planted early!

  4. says

    So tough to imagine my 9 year old being old enough to travel the world on his own but I like to think I’ll encourage him to “seize the day” when it’s time and explore all that the world has to offer, before it becomes tougher and tougher to do it.

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