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I am a music junkie. From the time I started to receive an allowance I was buying 45s, then LPs and then CDs. It’s been an ongoing love affair for most of my life. Now, of course, my 3000 plus songs are housed on my computer and the need for all the physical clutter of CD cases is gone. And yet, I still have over 200 CDs taking up valuable storage space in my basement. And now with most movies and TV shows also being streamed, I no longer need the hundreds of DVDs in my basement. Every time I look at the all the space they take up or dust in or around them for the thousandth time I get annoyed. I loathe clutter.

In fact I was just thinking about what to do with all these dust collectors when the people from Music Magpie reached out to me. Music Magpie allows you to enter in the barcode on your old DVDs, CDs and games from home and instantly tells you the cash value. It’s free to use and even better, free to ship your old media out of your house and then, wait for it, they pay you! Music Magpie has an app available for iPhone and Android, and if using your home computer you can use your webcam to quickly and accurately scan in the barcodes. Pretty cool, huh?

music magpie

Sadly, it’s not available in Canada yet, but it’s perfect for all the lucky ducks in the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom. I can’t wait until Music Magpie is available here, because getting cash for my old and unused DVDs and CDs is the kind of recycling I like. Pretty sure I’d take the cash and continue to feed my lifelong music addiction, just with less real estate taken in my house. Now I just need someone to take all my old magazines.

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    I can’t. I just…can’t. VHS tapes, yes. But DVDs, cassettes, CDs, ALL THAT VINYL? I cannot part with that stuff. And I should probably dust more often.

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