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I am Canada’s Most Desperate Dog Owner: my dog makes first impressions people would rather forget. One trusting night we took our one year old lab on quick car ride without a leash to return Redbox movie rentals at Wal-Mart. While we were slowly driving though a congested area of stopped cars and pedestrians, the dog stepped on the armrest and lowered the back window. I heard the familiar thump of her paws on the pavement. I looked, she was gone, and I saw a brown blur heading towards the store. As I jumped from the car I could hear the onlooker’s snickering remarks. I thought to myself, I need to remain calm. If the dog sees me chasing her, she’ll think it’s a game and run faster; and if I don’t catch her, maybe no one will suspect me as the dog owner. Inside the store I found the Wal-Mart Greeter being greeted in ways we would rather forget and was able to apprehend the 60 lb pup. Straddling the beast with my hands around her neck, she thought this was time for a belly rub, and rolled around the floor. I managed to hoist her up and usher her out the door- she thought this was time to sniff the butts of other shoppers. With my head held low; I got her out of the store. I need Bark Busters so that I can call my dog by name and lead her out of Wal-Mart with pride… “MARLEY, Come!”

You can enter Canada’s Most Desperate Dog Owner until February 28th, 2013. Details here.

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