Good Eats Friday

It’s Friday again! The best day of the week in my opinion because it’s all about the food. I love sharing fabulous recipes from my foodie friends with you. If you missed last week’s you can find it here.

I’m not even sure if this first recipe counts as an actual recipe, because it has only one ingredient. One. But it’s brilliant and if Andrea from A Peek Inside the Fish Bowl says it’s good than it is.

banana ice cream

I feel the pull to the dark side of healthy eating with these breakfast cookies from Eat Whole Be Vital. I’m not even going to lie…’s the maple syrup that’s calling to me.

healthy breakfast cookies

And just like that, Amanda from The Best Mom on the Block, calls me back with these delicious looking potato skins. My stomach is growling!


Finally, if you struggle with the daily grind and the eternal question, “What’s for dinner?”, then Rebecca from A Bit of Momsense has some wonderful advice to help avoid dinner planning stress.

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  1. Melanie says

    oooh you’ve just made me really hungry for potatoe skins, they look great. ┬áthat’s what we’re going to have for dinner! Thank you ;0)

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