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Atlas is our million dollar dog that we wish we took up pet insurance on! I think we are into him for $25000 or more now! He had his first knee surgery before one year old, and then his other knee went right afterwards. Poor guy had 8 months of rehab and restriction of his puppyhood. Despite all this and more (allergies, seizures, infections), he’s well socialized, amazingly friendly, loves other dogs, loving dog….who is WAY OUT OF CONTROL! He goes from zero to 10 in a second. Pulls on the leash, whines at other dogs he can’t get to see, goes nuts for the door bell, runs all over the house when someone comes over, runs from one end of the dog park to the other and completely ignores us and refuses to listen to us while he is “distracted”. We are planning to have kids shortly and with his tendency to jump on small children…and adults for that matter worries us. He is one over excited puppy dog! As of September he started some destructive behaviour, chewing on things when we went out…so I enrolled him in a dog-daycare. And then there is Nitro. She is smart and stubborn and doesn’t listen. I think she thinks she rules the roost. She’s pushy and barks and whines non-stop for things. Pushes her nose under your hand for affection, shoves a toy in your crotch to play with, etc. But the two most annoying bad behaviours we are dealing with is her on-leash aggression towards all other dogs, and her peeing and pooping in the house when she is mad! The latest was going out for a 3hr dinner on Valentine’s to arrive home to a big mess to clean up on our shag-like dining room rug. Needless to say it is not a fun time to clean up and neither is finding the appropriate way to discipline the action as we are divided when it comes to her and it, all the while putting strain on our relationship.

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